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  • No, but good guess
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    Mr. Krug?
  • Nearly there with regards to which film it is. Just one off, nice try, but no not him.
  • and a far more major character as well
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    @Quantum_of_Tomorrow , could you bring your clues over to the new page? Thanks.
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    1) Don't under-estimate my ability to weave a good story.
    2) This is not the first time I have deceived.
    Turned Renard before fooling Bond.
    3) Drax would not approve.
    Deformed ear.
    4) ...But Greene would.
    Oil is the most valuable resource!!
    5) Where was the help-line when I needed it?
    Self-harm with regards to severing an ear lobe.
    6) Relatives aren't necessarily close to me.
    Think of her Father.
    7) Bond can feel my pain, whereas my partner-in-crime cannot.
    Bond touches her tear on the picture of her in MI6, Renard can feel no pain.
    8) In contrast to what M says, I WILL take things personally.
    Again self-explanatory.
    9) A supply of a natural resource can make someone very profitable.
    10) An imitation of Van Gogh perhaps?
    Cutting off part of an ear/an ear
    11) Maybe taunting Bond was the wrong thing to do? I think the altitude got to me.
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  • @goldenswissroyale has it! When someone guessed her for my last guess the character I was shocked to find out that she hadn't been played! Over to you!
  • Reveals are up.
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    Some clues are very obvious whe you have Elekrtra in mind. The problem is that I usually focus in smaller characters and forget about the main characters. Well done @Quantum_of_Tomorrow
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    Oh man, how did I not think of her? Well done, both of you.
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    Eon character.

    1. I'm told to take a rest.
    Plenty: “Why don't you go and take a nap.“
    2. I talk about a place we (the viewers) never see.
    “What do you say? Back to my place?“
    3. Bond's numbers seem to be more impressive. Plenty wants to leave and decides to stay after hearing Bond:“Make it 10'000“.
    4. I can't “shoot“ anymore. I shot the whole wad“.
    5. There is a very similar character seen in FYEO. Bunky

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    Kerim Bey?
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    Ruby ?
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    Wow, you're motivated for guessing. Good to see that I have your attention...but it is none of them.
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    I added something to clue #2 to be more precise.
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    New clues.
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    Maxie from DAF seems to fit these clues quite nicely.
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    R1s1ngs0n wrote: »
    Maxie from DAF seems to fit these clues quite nicely.

    You have it already. I thought I could go on for at least one or two days. Well done...again.

    Solutions are up there.
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    Characters Played

    002 (Max_The _Parrot)
    003 (Birdleson)
    004 (Thunderfinger)
    008 (oo7)
    009 (Tokoloshe)
    Achille Aubergine (1.Monsieur_Aubergine, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Adam from LALD (1.00Beast, 2.Baltimore_007, 3.pachazo)
    Admiral Chuck Farrell (Birdleson)
    Admiral Roebuck (1.Baltimore_007, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Afghan Bully from TLD (LeiterTheMan)
    Agent Carter (1.Birdleson, 2.pachazo)
    Agent Fallon (Birdleson)
    Agent Hawkins, DEA (1.pachazo, 2.Creasy47)
    Airline Receptionist from LTK (Tokoloshe)
    Aki (Birdleson)
    Albert the Crocodile (1.Tokoloshe, 2.goldenswissroyale)
    Alec Trevelyan (StirredNotShaken)
    Alex Dimitrios (retrokitty)
    Algernon from NSNA (Birdleson)
    Alper Balut, Pipeline Technician from TWINE (Thunderfinger)
    Alvarez from LTK (Tokoloshe)
    Ambulance Man from MR (1.Birdleson, 2.Last_Rat_Standing)
    American Tourist/Photographer from YOLT (Birdleson)
    Andre' from DN (Birdleson)
    Andrea Anders (1.DarthDimi, 2.Baltimore_007)
    Andrew Bond (Tokoloshe)
    Angelo Palazzi (AgentJamesBond007)
    Anger Management Therapist from DAD (Tokoloshe)
    Anita Ekberg (Birdleson)
    Annabel Chung, the Photographer from DN (1.oo6, 2.Creasy47)
    Apollo Jet Pilot from MR (Tokoloshe)
    Apollo Jet Hostess from MR (1.Mrcoggins, 2.Thunderpussy)
    Apostis (1.Tokoloshe, 2.IncompetentHenchman)
    Aris Kristatos (jaquar007)
    Auctioneer from OP (pachazo)
    Auric Goldfinger (1.Birdleson, 2.ggl007)
    Ava from TLD (Major_Boothroyd)
    Aziz Fekkesh (mtm)
    B. J. Arnau (pachazo)
    BMW Voice from TND (jake24)
    Back Seat Driver from TND (pachazo)
    Bagpiper from TWINE (Tokoloshe)
    Baines (Tokoloshe)
    Bambi (WillyGalore)
    Bambi and Thumper (AgentJamesBond007)
    Baron Samedi (1.Luds, 2.TheBondFan, 3.Tokoloshe)
    Baron Samedi Mannequin (Max_The_Parrot)
    Baron Scarpia from TOSCA (goldenswissroyale)
    Barrelhead Bar Waitress (Ed83)
    Bedroom Assassin from YOLT (1.Birdleson, 2.pachazo)
    Belly Dancer form FRWL (R1s1ngs0n)
    Benz (1.blakewho, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Bert Saxby (pachazo)
    Bibi Dahl (Luds)
    Bill, the Security Guard from LTK (Baltimore_007)
    Bill Fairbanks, 002 (pachazo)
    Billy Bob (pachazo)
    Blades Concierge from DAD (pachazo)
    Blayden Male Secretary (Birdleson)
    Blofeld Clone from Mud Bath (oo7)
    Blofeld Clone from Penthouse (Thunderfinger)
    Blofeld’s Cat (1.Tokoloshe, 2.Birdleson)
    Blofeld’s Financiers from YOLT (pachazo)
    Blonde Beauty from MR (pachazo)
    Boat Captain from SF (goldenswissroyale)
    Bob Conley (Birdleson)
    Bob Simmons Gunbarrel (1.Thunderfinger, 2. Birdleson)
    Bodyworks Exhibit Cadavers Playing Poker (Thunderfinger)
    Bond Dummy from TMWTGG (Birdleson)
    Bond Imposter from FRWL (anotherbondgeek)
    Bonita (JWESTBROOK)
    Boris Grishenko (1.Kerim, 2.QBranch, 3.Creasy47, 4.Tokoloshe)
    Bottoms Up Waitress from TMWTGG (1.Thunderfinger, 2.Max_The _Parrot)
    Bouncer at Casino from NSNA (Birdleson)
    Boy at Arcade Game from DAF (pachazo)
    Boy with Balloon from TLD (Max_The_Parrot)
    Brad Whitaker (Birdleson)
    Braun from LTK (Creasy47)
    Brinon, Jacques Bouvar's Bodyguard (R1s1ngs0n)
    British Ambassador’s Wife from OP (Birdleson)
    Bubi from OP (goldenswissroyale)
    Bulgarian Agent Dead in Car (R1s1ngs0n)
    Bunky from FYEO (pachazo)
    Burt Kwouk (SharkBait)
    Cab Driver from LALD (CommanderRoss)
    Captain Benson (pachazo)
    Captain Bernard Jaubert (goldenswissroyale)
    Captain Pritchard (goldenswissroyale)
    Captain Nash (Birdleson)
    Captain Naz Husein (Tokoloshe)
    Captain Nikolai (Birdleson)
    Capungo (R1s1ngs0n)
    Carlos from CR (Tokoloshe)
    Carnival Celebrants from MR (pachazo)
    Caroline from GE (pachazo)
    Carver’s PR Woman (Birdleson)
    Casino Baccarat Official from OHMSS (Thrasos)
    Cavendish, Drax's Butler (pachazo)
    Cha and Nara (saunders)
    Champagne Leader (Birdleson)
    Chang from MR (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.PrinceKamalKhan, 3.PrinceKamalKhan, 4.pachazo, 5.Birdleson, 6.pachazo)
    Charles Robinson (ReneMathis)
    Charlie from LALD (pachazo)
    Che Che (1.00Beast, 2.WillyGalore)
    Chess Tournament Official from FRWL (w2bond)
    Chew Mee (1.MayDayDiVicenzo, 2.ShakenNotStirred)
    Chinese Soldier that Catches Fire from DAF (Thunderfinger)
    Chris, Astronaut from YOLT (Creasy47)
    Chuck Lee (pachazo)
    Chula (Birdleson)
    Circus Circus Ringmaster (Birdleson)
    Clare Dowar MP (MayDayDiVicenzo)
    Claus from FYEO (1.SharkBait, 2.Some_Kind_Of_Hero)
    Clifftop Guard from LALD (Mack_Bolan)
    Clive (Tokoloshe)
    Colonel Carlos (1.Virage, 2.pachazo)
    Colonel Feyador (Baltimore_007)
    Colonel Duff from DN (JWESTBROOK)
    Colonel Heller (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Colonel Scott (Baltimore_007)
    Colonel Smithers (pachazo)
    Colonel Jacques Bouvar (jaguar007)
    Colthorpe (CommanderRoss)
    Commander Carter (Mack_Bolan)
    Commander Richard Day (Tokoloshe)
    Commander Talbot (Birdleson)
    Computer Store Manager from GE (Creasy47)
    Consumptive Italian from MR (R1s1ngs0n)
    Coptic Priest from TWINE (pachazo)
    Corinne Dufour (QBranch)
    Corrine from QOS (1.0iker0, 2.Mrcoggins)
    Count Lippe (anotherbondgeek)
    Countess Lisl von Schlaf (sonders)
    Couple in Decapitated Camper (Tokoloshe)
    Crab on Crab Key (goldenswissroyale)
    Craig Mitchell (Some_Kind_Of_Hero)
    Czechoslovakian Police Car Driver from TLD (marc)
    Da Vinci Machine Operators from DAD (Max_The_Parrot)
    Dambala (Ed83)
    Damien Falco (jaguar007)
    Dario (jaguar007)
    Dario's Thug at the Barrelhead Bar (Birdleson)
    Dave from DAF (1.pachazo, 2.R1s1ngs0n )
    Davidov (Anon)
    Dawes (pachazo)
    Deke Rogers from LALD (Birdleson)
    Della Churchill Leiter (saunders)
    Della's Uncle from LTK (pachazo)
    Denis Thatcher (1.Tokoloshe, 2.goldenswissroyale)
    Dent's Boat Captain from DN (Birdleson)
    Diamond Inspector from DAD (ShakenNotStirred)
    Dikko Henderson (1.NicNac, 2.0iker0)
    Dimitri, Zukovsky's Bodyguard from GE (pachazo)
    Dimitri Mishkin (Shark_0f_Largo)
    Dink (zebrafish)
    Dobermans from MR (Tokoloshe)
    Dolly (Max_The_Parrot)
    Domination (pachazo)
    Dominic Greene (Birdleson)
    Domino Derval (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.Monsieur_Aubergine, 3.ggl007)
    Domino Petachi (Birdleson)
    Dr. Alvarez (Ed83)
    Dr. Greenwalt (Ed83)
    Dr. Hall (Tokoloshe)
    Dr. Christmas Jones (Some_Kind_Of_Hero)
    Dr. Kaufman (1.Licensetoforum, 2.Rogertheclown, 3.Tokoloshe)
    Dr. Metz (1.Cipher, 2.Signed_By_RogerMoore, 3.WillyGalore)
    Dr. Molly Warmflash (1.RogueThunderball, 2.Some_Kind_Of_Hero)
    Dr. Mortner (1. WillyGalore, 2. Baltimore_007)
    Dr. No (1.Luds, 2.Thrasos)
    Dr. Tynan (Birdleson)
    Dr. Vogel (Birdleson)
    Dr. Wayne from TB (Tokoloshe)
    Dragon from DN (Tokoloshe)
    Drawbridge Operator from AVTAK (Birdleson)
    Drinking Tourist from TSWLM, MR and FYEO (1.SharkBait)
    Drunk Gambler from TWINE (Tokoloshe)
    Dryden (TrueMiracle85)
    Ed Killifer (Mack_Bolan)
    Eddie, Deputy from LALD (goldenswissroyale)
    Edmund Slate (1.Cipher, 2.sirseanisbond)
    Elektra King (Quantum_of_Tomorrow)
    Elephant Playing Slots from DAF (pachazo)
    Elliot Carver (Thunderfinger)
    Elvis (1.Thunderfinger, 2.Creasy47)
    Emile Leopold Locque (Thrasos)
    Emilio Largo (Birdleson)
    Eric Kriegler (Benny)
    Ernst Stavro Blofeld (1.AgentJamesBond007, 2.karatemanchan37)
    Estrella (Birdleson)
    Eve Moneypenny (1.oo7, 2.4EverBonded)
    Evelyn Tremble (Birdleson)
    Fatima Blush (Birdleson)
    Felix Leiter (Birdleson)
    Felix Leiter in TLD (PrinceKamalKhan)
    Fiat 500 Driver from SP (Tokoloshe)
    Fillet of Soul (Harlem) Waiter (Tokoloshe)
    Fillet of Soul (New Orleans) Waiter (Birdleson)
    Filthy Habit Guy from TND (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Fiona Volpe (Luds)
    Foreman of Signals from DN (pachazo)
    Francisco the Fearless (1.Baltimore_007, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Francisco Scaramanga (Birdleson)
    Franco from MR (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Francois Derval (Shark_0f_Largo)
    Frank 5005, Dealer from DAF (pachazo)
    Franz Sanchez (1.Bond, 2.Luds, 3.AgentJamesBond007)
    Fred the Dummy from GE (pachazo)
    French Policeman from TB (Monsieur_Aubergine)
    Gabor (pachazo)
    Gallo (Tokoloshe)
    Gareth Mallory (oo7)
    Gas Station Attendant from OP (pachazo)
    Gatekeeper Grannie (1.Tokoloshe, 2.R1s1ngs0n)
    Gemma from QOS (pachazo)
    General Chang (Tokoloshe)
    General Gogol (Murdock)
    General Kosov (Benny)
    General Leonid Pushkin (MayDayDiVicenzo)
    General Medrano (Thunderfinger)
    General Moon (Birdleson)
    General Orlov (1.saunders, 2.Birdleson)
    General Ourumov (Creasy47)
    George, the Automatic Pilot from TMWTGG (Birdleson)
    Gift Bag Girl from QOS (ReneMathis)
    Girl in Kiss Kiss Club (1.Birdleson, 2.R1s1ngs0n)
    Girl in the Flower Shop from FYEO (pachazo)
    Girl Koskov shoves into Pool (CommanderRoss)
    Gobinda (007JamesBond)
    Goldeneye Cyclists (Tokoloshe)
    Gonzales' Henchman from FYEO (Creasy47)
    Green Four (Birdleson)
    Gregg Beam (Birdleson)
    Grieving Widow from LALD (Tokoloshe)
    Grunther (PrinceKamalKhan)
    Guard from GF (Tokoloshe)
    Gumbold (Tokoloshe)
    Gun Barrel Assassin (pachazo)
    Guy Haines' Bodyguard (pachazo)
    Guy Haines (Tokoloshe)
    Gwendoline from OP (Birdleson)
    Hai Fat (mreame)
    Haitian Security Guard from QOS (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Hamilton from LALD (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Hammond (1.Monsieur_Aubergine, 2.Birdleson)
    Hannes Oberhauser (Birdleson)
    Hans the Vienna Hotel Concierge from TLD (1.pachazo, 2.goldenswissroyale)
    Harold Strutter (1.Birdleson, 2.ShakeNotStirred)
    Hawker (1.itwftw, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Head of Taxis in AVTAK (Baltimore_007)
    Hector Gonzales (1.Monsieur_Aubergine, 2.Murdock, 3.Thunderfinger)
    Helga Brandt (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.Cipher)
    Helicopter Pilot from SP PTS (QBranch)
    Henry Gupta (00Beast)
    Hera, Masseuse from YOLT (goldenswissroyale)
    Hildebrand (Birdleson)
    Hoffler Klinik Barman (Tokoloshe)
    Honey Rider (1.4EverBonded, 2.Birdleson)
    Hong Kong Yacht Club Desk Clerk from DAD (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Honorato, Chief Chemist from LTK (Birdleson)
    Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver from FYEO (1.Tokoloshe, 2,goldenswissroyale)
    Hôtel Dessalines Clerk from QOS (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Hotel Maid from GF (R1s1ngs0n)
    Hugo Drax (PrinceKamalKhan)
    Hungarian delegate at the UN (R1s1ngs0n)
    Huw Edwards from SF (Tokoloshe)
    Imposter 00 from TLD (1.Benny, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Infante (Birdleson)
    Inferno (1.pachazo, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Inga Bergstrom (4EverBonded)
    Iona Havelock (Birdleson)
    Irina from GE (Birdleson)
    Irma Bunt (1.ElliotCarver, 2.saunders)
    Italian Lady with Cherries from QOS (RichardTheBruce)
    Jack Strap (Creasy47)
    Jacoba Brink (1.pachazo, 2.marc)
    Jailer from TLD (Tokoloshe)
    Jamaican Woman at Harbor from DN (R1s1ngs0n)
    James Bond, 007 (1.TheBondFan, 2.Birdleson)
    Janni (R1s1ngs0n)
    Jaws (Birdleson)
    Jeff, Security Desk from AVTAK (Benny)
    Jeffrey Giggins, unseen from LTK (NickTwentyTwo)
    Jenny Flex (jaguar007)
    Jerry from AVTAK (pachazo)
    Jim Fanning (1.anotherbondgeek, 2.Monsieur_Aubergine)
    Jimmy Bond/Dr. Noah from CR ’67 (Virage)
    Jinx (goldenswissroyale)
    Joe, the Helicopter Pilot (goldenswissroyale)
    Joshua the Houseboy from DAF (Tokoloshe)
    Kamal Kahn (PrinceKamalKhan)
    Kamran Shah (Tokoloshe)
    Kara Milovy (PrinceKamalKhan)
    Karageorge from FYEO (Birdleson)
    Karl from OP (pachazo)
    Karl Stromberg (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.Benny, 3.007manny)
    Kananga/Mr. Big (jaguar007)
    Kenniston from TB (Birdleson)
    Kerim Bey (Thrasos)
    Kerim Bey’s Chauffer/Son (Monsieur_Aubergine)
    Kimberley Jones (1.saunders, Initial Game!, 2.pachazo)
    King Erisson (Tokoloshe)
    Kisch (pachazo)
    Kissy Suzuki (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.oo7)
    Klaus Hergersheimer (Max_The_Parrot)
    Klotkoff (1.pachazo, 2.goldenswissroyale)
    Koslovski, the Chief of Security from FRWL (pachazo)
    Kra (1.Mack_Bolan, 2.Tokoloshe))
    Kratt (1.0BradyM0Bondfanatic7, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Krilencu (1.Kerim, 2.0BradyM0Bondfanatic7)
    Kronsteen (1.saunders, 2.Darius, 3.Thrasos)
    Kwang from LTK (Tokoloshe)
    Lachaise's Bodyguard (Thrasos)
    Ladislav Kutze (WillyGalore)
    Las Vegas Sheriff from DAF (pachazo)
    Lavatory Attendant from TLD (pachazo)
    Lazar (1.jaguar007, 2.MayDayDiVincenzo)
    Lenkin (RC7)
    Leo from CR (goldenswissroyale)
    Leroy, Airport Henchman from LALD (marc)
    Liala from LTK (Creasy47)
    Linda from TLD (Shark_0f_Largo)
    Ling from YOLT (Birdleson)
    Ling Po from TMWTGG (Creasy47)
    Little Boy with Wood Elephant from TMWTGG (jaguar007)
    Little Girl Eating Noodles from TMWTGG (Birdleson)
    Little Girl on the Ferry from FRWL (goldenswissroyale)
    Lord Randolph Hellebore from SILVERFIN (Virage)
    Lorrie Menconi/Centerfold from OHMSS (1.zebrafish, 2.goldenswissroyale, 3.pachazo)
    Loti (Creasy47)
    Louisiana State Police Captain from LALD (Birdleson)
    Lt. Hip (Benny)
    Luigi Ferrara (1.Cipher, 2.4EverBonded)
    Lupe Lamora (licensetoforum)
    M (TheBondFan)
    M: Judi Dench (Birdleson)
    M’s Husband (pachazo)
    MI6 Agents from LTK (Birdleson)
    MI6 Technician from (pachazo)
    Mac from FYEO (goldenswissroyale)
    MacAdams (1.anotherbondgeek, 2.Tokoloshe, 3.Gettler)
    Magda (1.PrinceKamalKahn, 2.WillyGalore, 3.echo)
    Major Clive (pachazo)
    Major Dexter Smythe (Birdleson)
    Major Geofrey Boothroyd (Birdleson)
    Major Kamp (Ed83)
    Man who sells Bond the DC3 in QOS (MayDayDiVicenzo)
    Man with Binoculars at Funeral in YOLT (Tokoloshe)
    Mantis Man (Comte_de_Bleuchamp)
    Manuela (1.Baltimore_007, 2.Perdogg, 3.Some_Kind_Of_Hero)
    Marc-Ange Draco (NickTwentyTwo)
    Marchetti Pilot from QOS (Creasy47)
    Marco Sciarra (mtm)
    Margaret Thatcher (JC Rendle)
    Marie from DAF (1.pachazo, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Mary Goodnight (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.Baltimore_007)
    Mary Trueblood (Birdleson)
    Master Sergeant #3 from TND (1.pachazo, 2.Last_Rat_Standing)
    Mata Bond (1.Luds, 2.Birdleson)
    Matador from OHMSS (R1s1ngs0n)
    Matthew "Fats" Houston, Grand Marshal of The Olympia Brass Band (Birdleson)
    Max Denbigh (RichardTheBruce)
    Max Kalba (1.pachazo, 2.Thrasos)
    Max the Parrot (Max_The_Parrot)
    Max Zorin (Birdleson)
    Maxie from DAF (1.Last_Rat_Standing, 2.goldenswissroyale)
    Maxwell from DAF (Creasy47)
    May Day (1.Tokoloshe, 2.Thepastykid)
    Maybelle Pepper (Birdleson)
    McGregor from FYEO (pachazo)
    Medrano's Man on Boat (goldenswissroyale)
    Mei-Lei (Max_The_Parrot)
    Mermaid Lady from the SF Title Sequence (Birdleson)
    Michael G. Wilson cameo in OP (w2bond)
    Midge (Baltimore_007)
    Milkman from TLD (1.BondAficionado, 2.mtm)
    Milos Columbo (Birdleson)
    Milton Krest (1.Kerim, 2.QuantumOrganization)
    Mimes from GE (Birdleson)
    Minister of Defense from TND (Thrasos)
    Miranda Frost (Max_The_Parrot)
    Mischa Satellite (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Miss Caruso (Tokoloshe)
    Miss Taro (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.mrhatsuka, 3.4EverBonded)
    Mlle. La Porte (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.Last_Rat_Standing, 3.RichardTheBruce)
    Mollaka Danso (Tokoloshe)
    Moneypenny's Boyfriend (Birdleson)
    Montenegro Chief of Police (Creasy47)
    Morton Slumber (pachazo)
    Morzeny (pachazo)
    Motorcycle Cop from OHMSS (Birdleson)
    Mouse from SP (1.Tokoloshe, 2.BMW_with_missiles)
    Mr. Bleeker (Tokoloshe)
    Mr. Chang (pachazo)
    Mr. Howe (Mack_Bolan)
    Mr. Jones (1.QBranch, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Mr. and Mrs. Karlski from TB (1.pachazo, 2. MayDayDiVicenzo)
    Mr. Kidd (oo7)
    Mr. Krug (pachazo)
    Mr. Krug's Girl (Tokoloshe)
    Mr. Ling (Birdleson)
    Mr. Midnight (Mack_Bolan)
    Mr. O'Rourke (Birdleson)
    Mr. Osato (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.Sharky, 3.Benny)
    Mr. Ramirez from GF (Tokoloshe)
    Mr. Simmons (1.pachazo, 2.Last_Rat_Standing)
    Mr. Solo (1.jaguar007, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Mr. Stamper (ltfwtf)
    Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd (oo7)
    Mrs. Bell (Max_The_Parrot)
    Mrs. Whistler (1.St_George, 2.Birdleson)
    Muffy (Tokoloshe)
    Mufti (goldenswissroyale)
    Naked Boy from TND (Birdleson)
    Nancy from OHMSS (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.SirCLMDBCRaig, 3.Birdleson)
    Naomi (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.Cipher)
    Natalya Simonova (Thunderfinger)
    Natasha Zarki from TLD (goldenswissroyale)
    Necros (Qbranch)
    Nick Nack (1.Luds, 2.Thepatsykid)
    Nina and Verushka from TWINE (jake24)
    Ning Po Dock Worker (R1s1ngs0n)
    Ninja School Assassin from YOLT (pachazo)
    Ninja Swordsman from YOLT and OHMSS PTS (Birdleson)
    Ocean Club Dealer from CR (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Ocean Club Receptionist from CR (PrinceKamalKhan)
    Ocean Sky Receptionist from QOS (CommanderRoss)
    Odd Job (Birdleson)
    Old Man in Cigar Factory from DAD (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Olympe (1.Kerim, 2.SirKamalKhan, 3.Tokoloshe)
    Olympic Ski Jump Official from FYEO (Max_The_Parrot)
    Orient Express Waiter (CommanderRoss)
    Osato Chemical Henchman in Passenger Seat (marc)
    Outboard Motor Guy from TLD (goldenswissroyale)
    Otto from SP (pachazo)
    Oyster Vehicle Driver (Rogertheclown)
    Pam Bouvier (Birdleson)
    Pan Ho (Baltimore_007)
    Paris Carver (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.AgentJamesBond007)
    Paris Police Officer from AVTAK deleted scene (pachazo)
    Paris Taxi Driver from AVTAK (Thunderfinger)
    Patrice (1.Some_Kind_Of_Hero, 2.NickTwentyTwo)
    Patricia Fearing from TB (Birdleson)
    Paula Caplan (PrinceKamalKhan)
    Peaceful Fountains of Desire (NickTwentyTwo)
    Pegasus (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Penelope Smallbone (1.RogueAgent, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Perez from LTK (WillyGalore)
    Perringe from TB (Tokoloshe)
    Peter Franks (Thunderfinger)
    Phidian (R1s1ngs0n)
    Phuyuck Waiter from TMWTGG (pachazo)
    Pierre from GE (goldenswissroyale)
    Pinder (Benny)
    Pleydell Smith (pachazo)
    Polar Bear Photographer (Max_The_Parrot)
    Police Captain from AVTAK (pachazo)
    President Hector Lopez (Tokoloshe)
    Printing Press Victim from TND (Birdleson)
    Professor Joe Butcher (pachazo)
    Professor Dent (1.Benny, 2.StirredNotShaken)
    Professor Frazier (Ed83)
    Professor Markov (Sir_James_Molony)
    Pussfeller (pachazo)
    Pussy Galore (ggl007)
    Quantum Member who Bond Replaces (pachazo)
    Quarrel (augie7107)
    Quarrel Jr. (ShakenNotStirred)
    Queen Elizabeth II (Birdleson)
    Quist (1.00Beast, 2.Birdleson)
    R/Q – Cleese (Samuel001)
    RAF Officer (LeiterStromberg)
    Raoul Silva (Birdleson)
    Raphael from OHMSS (pachazo)
    Red Grant (Birdleson)
    Renard/Viktor Zokas (dragonsky)
    Rene' Mathis (1.Thepastykid, 2.Birdleson)
    Rhoda (1.00Beast, 2.Baltimore_007, 3.Birdleson)
    Richard, RAF pilot from MR (1.Thunderpussy,2.pachazo)
    Robert Sterling (Tokoloshe)
    Rodney (Baltimore_007)
    Rosa Klebb (1.Samuel001, 2.Thunderfinger)
    Rosie Carver (1.RogueThunderball, 2.Samual001)
    Rosika Miklos (1.w2bond, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Rubavitch (1.saunders, 2.Mrcoggins)
    Rubelvitch (goldenswissroyale)
    Ruby Bartlett (1.MayDayDiVicenzo, 2.Birdleson)
    Russian Consulate Clerk from FRWL (CommanderRoss)
    Russian Diplomat from YOLT (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Russian Soldier Guarding Antenna in GE (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Russian Soldier on the toilet in GE (1.jaguar007, 2.sirseanisbond)
    Sadanoyama the Sumo Wrestler from YOLT (pachazo)
    Sadruddin (pachazo)
    Saida (PrinceKamalKhan)
    Sales Girl from LALD (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Sammy Davis Jr. (RichardTheBruce)
    Samuel from MR (1.Birdleson, 2.R1s1ngs0n)
    San Monique Emcee from LALD (R1s1ngs0n)
    Sanchez's Driver (Comte_de_Bleuchamp)
    Sandor (1.PrinceKamalKhan, 2.oo7, 3.Birdleson)
    Satoshi Isagura from TND (Tokoloshe)
    Saunders (1.saunders, 2.Benny, 3.ReneMathis)
    Scarpine (1.Baltimore_007, 2.Major_Boothroyd)
    Scorpion Guard (RichardTheBruce)
    Scorpions from DAF, DAD and SF (pachazo)
    Sebastian Ronson (pachazo)
    Security Man at Zorin's Chateaux from AVTAK (pachazo)
    Senor Guerra (Tokoloshe)
    Sergeant at the Entrance to Governor's House in DN (R1s1ngs0n)
    Sergei Barsov (Birdleson)
    Severine (RichardTheBruce)
    Severnaya Duty Officer (pachazo)
    Sgt. Stagg (WillyGalore)
    Shady Tree (MayDayDiVicenzo)
    Shady's Acorn to the (His) Right (RichardTheBruce)
    Shanghai Art Collector from SF (Birdleson)
    Sharkey (1.identigraph, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Sharon form FYEO (Shark_0f_Largo)
    Shaun Campbell (1.Cipher, 2.007JamesBond)
    Sheena Easton (Birdleson)
    Sheik Hosein (1.St_George, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Sheriff J. W. Pepper (1.St_George, 2.Birdleson)
    Sideshow Barker form DAF (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Silva's Isolation Guard (Birdleson)
    Sir Angus Black (Tokoloshe)
    Sir Donald Munger (Signed_By_RogerMoore)
    Sir Donald's Secretary (pachazo)
    Sir Frederick Gray (1.Signed_By_RogerMoore, 2.Tokoloshe)
    Sir Godfrey Tibbett (Steven)
    Sir Hilary Bray (GeorgeLazenby)
    Sir John from TB (1.Birdleson, 2.Max_The_Parrot)
    Sir Timothy Havelock (ltwftw)
    Sister Lily (pachazo)
    Slumber Inc. Attendant-Sid Haig (PrinceKamalKhan)
    Snake from LALD (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Solange Dimitrios (Monsieur_Aubergine)
    Solitaire (Thunderfinger)
    Sonia Sekova from MM'64 (Birdleson)
    Soviet Chairman from OP (pachazo)
    Soviet Soldier that cries out for "Roger Moore" in AVTAK (Birdleson)
    SPECTRE #11 from TB (1.pachazo, 2.Thunderfinger)
    SPECTRE Cameraman from FRWL (R1s1ngs0n)
    SPECTRE Guard from YOLT (R1s1ngs0n)
    SPECTRE Helicopter Pilot from FYEO (pachazo)
    St Cyril's Guard (Tokoloshe)
    Stacey Sutton (1.SharkBait, 2.oo7)
    Stacey Sutton's Grandfather (pachazo)
    Strawberry Fields (Birdleson)
    Stromberg’s Secretary (anotherbondgeek)
    Sumo Wrestler from TMWTGG (Thunderfinger)
    Sumo Wrestling Referee from YOLT (Max_The_Parrot)
    Sydney, Pussy's Co-Pilot (R1s1ngs0n)
    Sylvia Trench (Cipher)
    Taiwanese Tycoon from AVTAK (Tokoloshe)
    Tamara Steel (Max_The_Parrot)
    Tangier Chief of Security from TLD (pachazo)
    Tatiana Romanova (Tokoloshe)
    Technician in Venini Laboratory from MR (pachazo)
    Television Anchor from TND (mirandafrost)
    Three Blind Mice (0BradyM0Bondfanatic7)
    Thomas Schiller (Tokoloshe)
    Thumper (Rogertheclown)
    Tiffany Case (1.St_George, 2.Soundofthesinners)
    Tiger Tanaka (Cipher)
    Tilly Masterson (Cipher)
    Tour Boat Group from OP (Birdleson)
    Tracy Bond (Thunderfinger)
    Trigger Happy Russian from GE (Tokoloshe)
    Truck Driver from QOS PTS (Quantum_of_Tomorrow)
    Truck Driver w/La Bamba (Tokoloshe)
    Trukhin (Ed83)
    Truman Lodge (1.Some_Kind_Of_Hero, 2. Major_Boothroyd)
    Tube Driver from SF (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Ula (Yula) Yarkhov from TLD (Birdleson)
    Valenka (1.Tokoloshe, 2.NickTwentyTwo, 3.Thrasos)
    Valentin Zukovsky (4EverBonded)
    Van Bierk (Tokoloshe)
    Vandenburg Launch Director from DAF (Birdleson)
    Vargas (1.jaguar007, 2.HenryJonesVictor, 3.Ludovico, 4.Scaramnga12)
    Vauxhall Bridge Police Guard from SF (Birdleson)
    Venz (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Verity (Max_The_Parrot)
    Vesper Lynd (Birdleson)
    Vicar from FYEO (Birdleson)
    Vijay (007JamesBond)
    Villiers (Thrasos)
    Virtual Charles Robinson (Birdleson)
    Vladimir Popov (pachazo)
    Water Balloon Barker from DAF (goldenswissroyale)
    Whisper (1.NicNac, 2.00Beast)
    Willard Whyte (Birdleson)
    Williamson from YOLT (Tokoloshe)
    Wolf Blitzer (Thunderfinger)
    Woman in Church from GE (MayDayDiVicenzo)
    Xenia Onatopp (006)
    Yusef Kabira (Birdleson)
    Zambora (Last_Rat_Standing)
    Zao (jaguar007)
    Zora from FRWL (pachazo)
  • R1s1ngs0nR1s1ngs0n France
    edited September 14 Posts: 1,183
    Here we go. Named EON character with no dialogue.

    1. Just the four of us.
    2. I work in a tight, restricted area.
    3. …but right now I’m enjoying a small break.
    4. I stand out from the others.
    5. …is that why I’ve been excluded from taking part in the action?
    6. Four went in but only three come out.
    7. Red light means a little spying game is in order.
  • pachazopachazo Make Your Choice
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    Gasworks Supervisor from TLD?
  • R1s1ngs0nR1s1ngs0n France
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    pachazo wrote: »
    Gasworks Supervisor from TLD?
    Fits perfectly but not him. I’ll add more clues later.
  • R1s1ngs0nR1s1ngs0n France
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    Two more clues added.
  • R1s1ngs0nR1s1ngs0n France
    Posts: 1,183
    I also made a small adjustment to clue #2
  • CommanderRossCommanderRoss The bottom of a pitch lake in Eastern Trinidad, place called La Brea
    Posts: 6,954
    The Blyden (?) safehouse guard at the entrance?
  • R1s1ngs0nR1s1ngs0n France
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    The Blyden (?) safehouse guard at the entrance?
  • R1s1ngs0nR1s1ngs0n France
    edited September 13 Posts: 1,183
    Two more clues.
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