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A View to a Kill, dir. John Glen, 1985, starring Roger Moore and Tanya Roberts, original concept artwork for an apparently unused one-sheet poster design, possibly by Mike Vaughan, pen and ink with watercolour and acrylic, printed lettering at head and foot of board, 32 x 22.5 ins (81 x 57 cm), very fine
This artwork is most similar in overall design to the artwork of Dan Gouzee used for the US one-sheet poster. However, like the British one-sheet poster with artwork by Vic Fair, James Bond wears a white tuxedo and the printed titles are centred at the head and foot. As in the Dan Gouzee poster Roger Moore stands precariously high above the Golden Gate Bridge, but here Tanya Roberts clings to his legs while trying not to slip off with one foot dangling into the letterpress beneath. Christopher Walken is closing in with a stick of dynamite from the left while Grace Jones is leaping in from a spaceship above two other approaching attackers behind Roger Moore's back. A marvellous and dynamic piece of original and unique James Bond artwork.
(1) Illustrations Available £3000-5000 - £3200.00

3.2k sounds reasonable in comparison of the prices realized at Christies......holy bank balance , Batman !


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    Is there any pictures that comes with it?
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    That sounds like a neat poster! I'd like to see that sometime.
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    Tried to look but could not find it.....

    Heres what I remember

    -Bond/Tracy atop GG bridge while Zorin is next to them holding a bunch of dynamite , MD comes swooping down from a sort of space ship. Similar yet different to the Gouzee art. Bond is also wearing a white jacket like in the UK rejected art.
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