A good idea, but not for now

This thread is about what you think would be nice to see in a good movie, but not in the immediate future for whatever reason. For instance, Bond losing his memory and being brainwashed like in TMWTGG, because it would be too reminiscent of Jason Bourne and trust issues have been exploited a lot in the last three movies. On long term, it would make for a great PTS, but right now it would be overkill.


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    Also, Bond getting married and having him depressed like he was in YOLT book. It's too soon to have it now because we've already got that with Vesper (even though QoS was absymal). On the other hand, they could adapt the YOLT novel and have Bond wanting to take down the head of Quantum (rather than Blofeld) for being responsible for Vesper's death, and have the movie ending with an amnesia (just like the book). Next movie would then introduce new Bond actor, with brainwashing and all (like at the beginning of TMWTGG).
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    Too much of YOLT and TMWTGG were used in SF, so that would also be a good idea for later.

    I'm tempted to say that the return of Blofeld is also a good idea for a later date. Craig had Vesper and Bond begins as a "hook" to establish his tenure. Blofeld could be the hook of his successor.
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