Bond Continuation Compendium

On the excellent "Artistic Licence Renewed " website, @teeritz had the excellent idea that the next adult Bond continuation novel should be a compendium of short stories in the style of 'FYEO' & 'O&TLDL' authored by invited luminaries.
Given the absolute necessity that many of us feel to find the right go forward strategy and the evident dissatisfaction felt by numerous aficionados towards the last three books, this idea has a number of merits.
Firstly, it would allow the six invited espionage literati to demonstrate their Bond chops whilst offering 007's literary fans some great entertainment and avoiding the need to uniquely commit to one author for the follow up to SOLO.
Secondly, it would serve to potentially attract the fans of six different renowned novelists to the Bond literary franchise.
Thirdly, it would allow IFP to invite the most successful of the contributors to write their own full length Bond novel.
And last, but by no means least, it would allow IFP to trouser a whole lot of conga in the process as the power of six would certainly outsell the power of one!
The purpose of this thread is to encourage posters to give their ideas as to who the six invited authors should be and to substantiate their proposals by stating why.
To prevent the project becoming dysfunctional, contributors should work on the assumption that the six stories should feature Bond's exploits between 1944 and 1953.
To start the ball rolling, here are Villiers53's proposals:
1) Charlie Higson because he delivered the great 'Young Bond' franchise and he deserves his shot at the big league.
2) Ken Follett because with 'The Eye Of The Needle' he proved that he can deliver quality, period espionage thrillers.
3) Charles Cumming because he is absolutely the best of the new breed of spy thriller writers.
4) Alan Furst because he is absolutely the best period thriller writer working today.
5) Daniel Silva because his Gabriel Allon books are so Flemingesque and he understands the genre inside out.
6) John Le Carre because he has always expressed a dislike for the Bond books but personally, I think he's a secret admirer and this would 'out' him.
These are Villiers proposals what are yours?
Oh, and one last thing, what should we call it? Maybe "Agent In Waiting" ?
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