Fake Sean Connery / Steve Jobs letter becomes top Twitter trending topic

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A 'letter' from Sean Connery to Steve Jobs was a top trending topic on Twitter today thanks to an unwitting tweet from a marketing executive who thought it was genuine.

The phony letter, in which 'Connery' uses some salty language to rebuke approaches from 'Jobs' to advertise his Apple products was tweated seriously by John Willshire and was quickly picked up by thousands, many of whom did not get the joke either.

The fake Connery wrote: "I have no interest in 'changing the world' as you suggest. You have nothing that I need or want. You are a computer salesman - I am fucking JAMES BOND!"

Spoof Apple news site <a href="http://scoopertino.com/exposed-the-imac-disaster-that-almost-was/"; target="_blank">Scoopertino</a> originally published the joke letter on Sunday as part of a satirical look back to Apple's marketing concerns in 1998. The fake advertisement used in the artice is actually a Photoshopped version of a <a href="http://www.mi6-hq.com/sections/articles/history_licence_to_shill1.php3?">real Connery print ad for Jim Beam bourbon</a>.


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    Obviously fake if you know Connery... he doesn't flaunt his Bond-dem.
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    Wow, no doubt many fell for this one then! What a hoot. Those are very uncharacteristic things of the Connery, we the fans, know.
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    I can totally hear him saying that. In fact, I just did. I do a pretty killer impression of SC and yes, I just heard him say that. :-D
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    Theres enough fake Connerys on ebay.....sigh.....lol
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger we are in this together
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    Remember this?
  • DragonpolDragonpol Writer @ http://thebondologistblog.blogspot.com
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    Funny but I have a 60s magazine with that Connery Jim Beam advert in it.
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