New Book, Fan Event And Fan Cruise

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The new book, Eating James Bond: OO7's Every Last Meal is available now for pre-orders via Indiegogo. Perks include proof copies, full color copies, signed books, Live and Let 'Leans, and a cruise.

The author has eaten a lot of food and drunk a lot of drinks in his many years. As important, he has managed four restaurants and taken fans on insider tours to hundreds of OO7 locations, including glamorous hotels and restaurants featured in the James Bond novels and films.

Highlights of Eating James Bond include an index of real world eateries so fans can eat what-Bond-eats-where-he-eats worldwide, insider details, film and book trivia including food and non-food trivia not found elsewhere, recipes, chef's notes and every drink and meal taken in the world of Bond. A compendium of 100,000 words covering multiple aspects of 44 Bond novels, 12 shorts stories and 25 films, this unofficial guide book is filled with cocktails, glamor, and gourmet delights.

OO7 Drinks To Forget, Dines To Remember

You'll gain two pounds and crave a cigarette after reading, OO7. Enjoy!


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    Dear OO7 Fans,

    This delectable volume, now retitled James Bond's Cuisine, is on track for completion the first week of August. We can savor Bond's meals together before August ends, so polish the silver and break out your pâté de maison. Preorders of the book are now available.

    Thanks again to all for your kind and generous support!
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