To any MI6-C members in Toronto...

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I want to invite all of you to my first ever feature set. I've been performing under the moniker "against/me/against/you." four times a week around Toronto, and this is the first time I've ever been the feature act/headliner anywhere.

It's next Tuesday at The Groove Bar & Grill, which is just by Woodbine Station. All the details can be found at the facebook event page I'll be posting at the bottom.

I'd love to get to finally meet some of you, play a couple tunes and such. I love Bond, but music is my #1 love and passion and you'll see that if you make it out.

So, if you're local and free next Tuesday evening, give it a shot! You shan't regret it!

EDIT: Faulty mobile link. I'll put the real event page up in the morning once I have access to a PC.


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    I won't be able to come but good luck with this.
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