Does anyone else have this issue with the Bond 50 set?

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At first when I got my Bond 50 (with Skyfall) set I couldn't be happier; I got all 23 Bond films in Blu-Ray. However, one problem developed after a month or so; the glue holding the pages together came off, to the point where the pages no longer stuck, and that caused the discs to fall out of place. I tried repairing with superglue, but it keeps happening to more of the pages. Does/has anyone else had this problem?


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    Birdleson wrote:
    I've had mine for over a year now. I've watched them all several times at least and have not had that problem. Sorry to hear that.

    Just curious, where did you purchase it from?
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    I've got the set and mine is still holding up, but this is the very thing I was worried about. I actually bought them also in the separate cases during a sale they had for $5 each. I try to use the blurays out of the cases when I want to watch the films. Really wish they would have done it differently, obviously these books will tear up with wear over time, they should have just done individual cases like the dvd sets.
  • What I did was buy a pack of Blu-ray cases and put the discs in there. That way my book stays in good condition and doesn't wear and tear so much and the discs, I feel, are better protected as well.

    Print off some cover art you like and wa-la! Problem solved.
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    Nice idea Thighs!
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