"Devil May Care" Song

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Go behind the scenes of the 007-themed music video for "Devil May Care", the new song from artist and Bond fan, John Berge...



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    This song is pretty awful and the video is rather tacky also...give it a wide berth for your own sake!
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    Well, I certainly congratulate the people involved for making this. I've never done anything so involved.

    Having said that, there's a strange gulf in quality between the cinematography and the rest of the video. It's as if some enthusiastic amatuers came up with an idea for a video and were so excited that they chose to write it, choreograph it, and act in it themselves, even though they weren't professionals, but then decided to hire a professional cinematographer to film it. Or is it that quality video equipment and editing on computers is much more available now?

    I don't mean to make anyone feel bad, it really is a tremendous effort that they've done.
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    This makes Maddona's 'Die Another Day' sound good...
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