But Will you be around for IOOth anniversary of Bond ?

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This is simple.
add 49 years to your current standerd age right now.. Are you still alive ?
maybe be tragic, but let`s we think on IOOth anniversary while we can.


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    @Balje, is that you?

    inb4 lock
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    Please friends, inb4............ let`s imagine it what it is for IOOth years of Big Bond Movies.
    a parade float ? let me know.
  • In a word - No
  • :O
    let`s imagine together what IOO years will look like for Big Bond Franchise.
    Someone get us started, please.
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    Well lets get to the 70th anniversary first. Any ideas on how they could commemorate? How about they do the gunbarrel, but Bond shoots 7 times instead of the standard one. One shot for every great ten years we've got. Then the circle of the gunbarrel turns into a zero, and a 7 appears next to it. Sort of similar to what we got in Skyfall but more involved.
  • Either you two are on some trolling expedition, or you're both of the same person

    I don't like talk of Bond 24, wish to avoid it whenever possible, or looking ahead to any future Bond releases. Let's appreciate the past and the most recent Skyfall release while it is still fresh in our minds

    While a 100 years discussion is a 'little' premature, if not unwarranted, a 70 year debate is also too far ahead in the future, as would be a 60 year discussion. This is all too far in the future for many to comprehend. That is all I have to say on this issue. It doesn't appear a troll type thread, not all new participants are up to no good, no need for flagging, but maybe a little commonsense wouldn't have gone amiss before this was conceived
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    Very Good !!!

    7O years it`s the platinum Anniversary, so 7 shots yes, but..

    what better time then to finelly adept Everything or nothing ?
    starring Pierce Brosnan as Bond.... James Bond, secret Platinum nanotenchology.

    too far ?

    Skyfall`s gunbarrel was the favorite one of mine so far, very commemorative !
    I toast it to all Bond fandomry.
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    yes i will be 71 when it happens
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    @Balje, is that you?

    inb4 lock

    Please don't post this. 'In before the lock' makes you just a much a spammer.

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