Anyone live in or near Harlow?

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Just a quick heads-up for fellow pommies, the Harlow branch of "The Works" bookshop are selling the Titan James Bond Omnibus Volume 001 for the mighty sum of £1.99. You'll have to hurry though, there were only three copies left and I nabbed one this afternoon. What a bargain! Gaz.


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    Wow, less than £2. Are they in good condition, Gaz?
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    I've seen them for this price in the Coleraine branch in Northern Ireland. Might be worth checking your local branch wherever you are. Should be in good-as-new condition.
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    I still patiently await the announcement of 'The James Bond Omnibus Volume 003' that I feel will never come.

    Knowing my luck, I'll be done over and only have about one third of a collection to look at.
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    yeah Darth Dimi they're brand new. Never been on a man's back so to speak.
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    No I don't.
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    Another thread that's need zapping.
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    Exactly, there's quite a few that are really irrelevant now.
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    You keep digging them out though don't you Tanaka ? ;)
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