Luxury Kindle Covers featuring Richard Chopping's original artwork for Jonathan Cape.

edited October 2013 in Literary 007 Posts: 802 have some fabulous cases featuring the front and back artwork for Goldfinger, For Your Eyes Only, The Man With The Golden Gun, For Your Eyes Only and Thunderball.
If you go to their web site and look under clearance, you will see them featured at a special price.
The quality of the product is fantastic and they are a superb way to personalise your kindle and give it the emotional appeal of a first edition.
Unfortunately they are only available for the older Kindles and I'd love them to do 'Casino Royale' in their folio gold range.
Maybe if enough of us ask, they'll do it. Meanwhile for those of you with the older Kindles, this is a hell of a way to turn it into a classic!


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    Lovely stuff. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Comrade @Villiers53.
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    Great stuff @Villiers53
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    Bloody hell old chap - what a find!
    Actually some are available for all kindles. I have a paperwhite and I've just ordered Thunderball. You have to use the drop down menu. I guess you looked at FRWL and gave up.
    Get them while you can at this great price!
    You'd think IFP would have commissioned them to do SOLO but given that it's crap their incompetence has some benefits.
    @Villiers53 is correct, it would be great if they would do 'Casino Royale'. Perhaps they will release it in their folio gold range?
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    Great find. I've just ordered the From Russia With Love cover for the Kindle 4.
  • Chevron wrote:
    Great find. I've just ordered the From Russia With Love cover for the Kindle 4.

    Ultimately I went for FRWL as well.
    I just love that artwork. Chopping's covers were just so classy and FRWL remains the first and the best.
    I got them to do it for me in their folio gold range for the new Kindle paper white with a special inscription inside reading; "In loving memory of Ian Lancaster Fleming (28 May 1908-12 August 1964)
    Thanks for all those fabulous stories - your life long ........"
    It's costing me £37 but frankly every cover is hand made and I've seen the quality of their work in Waterstones so I'm OK with the price.
    I'll post a review when it arrives.

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    My FRWL cover arrived today. I actually forgot it was coming so I had no clue what was in the cardboard package! It was very well wrapped and I'm very impressed with the quality of the cover. The kindle sits perfectly snugly in the holder thingie.

    (I probably would have gone for the Golden Gun cover as it was a wraparound but they didn't have it for the kindle 4.)

    Well worth £12.50. It's turned my kindle into something a little bit classier. :)
  • My FRWL arrived yesterday. As I said earlier, I ordered the folio spec for the new Kindle Paperwhite and I must say I am knocked out by the quality.
    It looks exactly like a 1st edition JC FRWL - it's a work of art.
    Well done Klevercase!
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