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I thought it would be nice if we chat about how we could make some of the bond movies which didn't go well, better. Let's start with A view to a kill. Change the title back to the original Fleming title, From a View to a Kill. Good old Roger Moore is looking way too old for this one, either make it ten years earlier or bring in Dalton two years early. So With Dalton in the movie, Bond should look like he is actually fit for missions. Change the pre-titles into a more welcoming the new Bond scene. Change it to the jungle or something,(but keep in the part with him finding the microchip),I'm sick of Bond being in snow for the pre-titles. Keep the title song, it should suit better with Dalton playing Bond. The car chase in Paris needs to be lengthened and a good stunt in it would be good.Everything up to the stables is pretty good, but Tibbet looks too old to be a secret Agent, swap him for a much younger actor. Give Mayday more screen time, but please, oh please, do not have Bond get into bed with her! Stacey Sutton needs to be changed, if she was a bit more athletic,she doesn't have to be another Babara Bach, but she could have a stronger will to stop down Zorin. When bond investigates an oil rig, we could have some better action, him attacking a guard or something. The scene with Pola Ivanova can be stuck in there, but the actor who plays her needs to be younger. The scene in San Fransisco's city hall can stay but you could add a fight there. the chase in the fire engine can still be there, but delete all the silly gags of course and add in realistic gripping stunts. Skipping to the mine scene, skip the part where Zorin slaughters hundreds of workers. Make a bloody,scrap between Bond and Mayday in the Mine Shaft. Bond kills Mayday, killing her with a plank of wood or something (so it won't copy Goldfinger), and instead of her pushing the bomb out, a load of workers do. The part where Stacey gets grabbed should change to them kidnapping her on the ground. After Bond grabbing on to the moor ropes, and after Zorin trying to kill him on the gate bridge, also after bond tying the ropes around the bridge,Stacey should bash the two other guys Mortner and Scarpine out better. Zorin should gran Stacey and have a quick fight with her, ending up chucking her out on to the bridge. The Zorin Vs bond fight should be longer, more gripping and should consist not just in the same spot. The rest of the movie should go as normal. But lets just say snooper never existed. Tell me what you think of this, and if i've missed anything out. next time i'll do Die another day.


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    Not bad xboy but IMHO, AVTAK needs even more revisions.

    Here's my admittedly very rough and raw attempt to try to come up with a revision for my dream/"alternate universe" AVTAK with Dalton as Bond that I posted in an earlier thread:

    Pre title sequence: Introduce Dalton as the new 007 in a mini-adventure that has nothing or little to do with the rest of the picture(in the style of the teasers for GF, TB, FYEO and OP).

    Title Sequence:(I would've retained the Duran Duran song, one of the few highlights of the actual film)

    Albert R. Broccoli presents

    Timothy Dalton as James Bond 007 in Ian Fleming's

    (I would have restored the full original Fleming title)


    Alison Doody as Mary Ann Russell

    Patrick Macnee as Sir Godfrey Tibbett

    Fiona Fullerton as Pola Ivanova

    Christopher Walken as Max Zorin

    and Tanya Roberts in a very small 5 minute appearance as the "sacrificial lamb" Jenny Flex

    Movie opens proper: The first 20-30 mins would be a relatively faithful adaptation of the actual short story "From A View To A Kill". The SHAPE driver's murder would appear on screen and 007's subsequent investigation. He would be assigned to work with fellow agents Tibbett and lovely Mary Ann Russell(the girl in the original story), and would impersonate the SHAPE driver and infiltrate the Russian spy gang in the forest. The head assassin(who Bond is sure he has seen before) of this spy gang gets away and Bond finds a stash of Zorin microchips among the KGB spy ring materials. After a brief dalliance with the gorgeous Mary Ann, Bond reports this information to M. Bond would learn that Zorin industries are a private British defense contractor that is developing microchips that are impervious to the magnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion but they've not been put in use by the British defense systems yet. Zorin would still be of East German origin but he defected to England, became a U.K. citizen and then spent several years in New York where he made his millions. (This would explain Walken/Zorin's NY accent). M then sends Bond to investigate Zorin at a party his Chantilly estate. While there Bond meets and flirts with Zorin's mistress/secretary Jenny Flex(who Zorin brought from NY, also explaining her accent) Bond also runs into another lady at the party, his ex-lover, ballerina/KGB agent Pola Ivanova. After some brief flirting and catching up on old times, Pola mysteriously vanishes. To get more info on Zorin, Bond starts romancing Jenny which Zorin learns about and of course has her promptly executed(a la Corinne Dufour). Bond uses his gadgets to listen in on Zorin and his partner-in-crime whom he recognizes as the KGB assasin from the forest. Thru closer detection, Bond realizes that Pola and the KGB assassin are one and the same. Bond is caught spying and is captured by Zorin & put in some deathtrap from which of course he escapes but not without Zorin thinking he is dead.

    Bond continues his mission in pursuit of Pola to learn more about what she and Zorin are up to. The Siberian ski chase could be inserted here where Bond pursues her but ultimately rescues Pola from an avalanche(a la Bond and Elektra). After this experience, they "warm up" in a hot tub reminiscing about old times. As Bond gets more of the information on their plan, Pola doublecrosses Bond and he is again captured by Zorin. It turns out that Zorin and Pola are planning to cause a nuclear blast in outer space over the U.K. to, as Frederick Gray put it, "paralyze us at the Russian's mercy". This will be done after Zorin installs the "nuclear-explosion impervious" microchips(which of course won't be) in all of Britain's national defense systems. In the end, Bond of course thwarts Zorin and Pola's plans with the aid of Mary Ann who Bond ends up with in the final clinch. Tibbett would also have a larger role as Bond's ally and not be killed off. Perhaps Tibbett should become head of Station F-France.
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    Wow, that has seriously changed the story, but if they made the Bond movie like that, it would probably be one of my favourites.
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    There's already an 'improve AVTAK' thread out there, peeps, so methinks this really qualifies as a duplicate...

    Carry on there please, folks...
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