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<div class="AutoFeedDiscussion">Sir Roger Moore will provide a guide to the cars, gadgets and girls of the James Bond movies to celebrate the 50th anniversary<br /><br /><a href = ""; target = "_blank">Click here to read the full story on MI6</a></div>


  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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    This is great news. I only hope it won't *just* be a rehash of things we already know. It is inevitable, of course, that they talk about the AM DB5 and the jetpack again, especially given that they no doubt hope to lure new fans to the game, our rock solid loyalty being unaffected by it in any way, but some new angle from time to time couldn't hurt I think.
  • saunderssaunders Living in a world of avarice and deceit
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    I share your fears DarthDimi, so many recent books about Bond have been both formulaic and light on text, with Roger Moore on board it could be a really fascinating inside look at what it's like to be the James Bond lead in a series of films, much like an expanded version of his 'Roger Moore as James Bond in Live And Let Die' book, but my betting is that it will just be your standard coffee table Bond book, full of seen before photos and scant text written by anonymous researchers with little more than a token endorsement from the great man himself..mind you I'm still going to buy it regardless!
  • NicNacNicNac Administrator, Moderator
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    Too many books, mags, articles and the like seem to centre on girls, gadgets, cars and villains, rather than studying my favourite 007 subject - Bond himself, and the actors who have played him. I would much rather read a serious study of the six actors, their approach to the role, how they contrast and reflect the period their films were set in.

  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    I'll agree, I'd have much rather this focused on Moore's seven films rather than all of them. It being released in 2012 I think there's a good chance we won't just get another rehash of already know information.
  • saunderssaunders Living in a world of avarice and deceit
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    To be fair despite the many, many popular Bond trivial publications recentley, this past decade has seen the real emergence of Bond scholarship and the whole subject matter being treated seriously at an academic level. Before 1999 the only books to seriously look at the cinematic Bond in a cultural context were 'The Bond Affair' and 'Bond and Beyond: the political career of a popular hero'. Since the publication of James Chapman's groundbreaking 'Licence To Thrill, A cultural history of James Bond' there have been many, very good serious studies on all aspects of the cinematic creation, focusing on cultural, social and the political aspects of this long running franchise. I find the biggest problems are that these really good and informative publications are often not publicised and have can be expensive and have fairly small print runs, but they are worth hunting down and offer so much more than your average glossy EON endorsed fan book.
  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    The Battle for Bond by Robert Sellers - the pre-altered version - has to be a favourite of mine, so very informative and I was lucky enough to pick it up as it was going out of print in March 2008.

    I really do need to and should pick up more informative Bond books, especially considering the wait we have until next November.
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    Even if it is a rehash of everything we already know, if it is written with the usual Moore charm, I'm sure it will at least be an entertaining read if not an informative one.
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    well this is good news i hope this will turn out to be something really good
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    Excerpt or summary from the book? Or just an article Roger wrote on the same topic as his book.

    Interested to see that he said he loved Daniel Craig, thinks he's the best actor to play Bond, looks forward to Skyfall (in particular the humour) and thinks that Craig has the best build to play Bond of any actor.
  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    Thanks for that article @Volante. This will be a decent enough book by the looks of it.
  • 4EverBonded4EverBonded the Ballrooms of Mars
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    Yes, thanks - and I am getting this book for sure.
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