Pinewood Studios Tour

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    Well, I for one appreciate this. :) So easy to read when you click on the thumbnail. I want to go there some day for sure.
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    Thanks @4EverBonded! Glad someone appreciated it. This is an original booklet from the early to mid 70s (I suspect it was before TSWLM). I'd love to see it as well, though I think this is a layout for the old/ original Pinewood Studios, which I believe (I read somewhere) was rebuilt? In any case, I think this is a pretty historic view of Pinewood.
  • 4EverBonded4EverBonded the Ballrooms of Mars
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    It's cool to read this and the pics are great. I'll try to read it more thoroughly later.
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    Thank you. No doubt many are reading but not commenting, but this is really great.
  • Thanks @Jarrod. Great pictures!

    The site has expanded but it's still very recognisable and most of the buildings are still there, including the old entrance in your second-to-last pic (although it's no longer used as the main entrance)

    If you do visit, you'll certainly recognise SPECTRE's training HQ from FRWL and "Goldfinger Avenue"
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    I have been there once. It was great.
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    Looking at the painted landscape picture, it's signed '74, and the fact that TMWTGG is featured, I suspect the book is from 1974. Glad you guys like it! My wife has family in England, the next time we go to see them I'm gonna have to go see Pinewood Studios, actually I can't believe I haven't see it up till now. But I really love the way this book was put together. I guess it was meant to entice movie making business with new clients? Still a great look into what Pinewood was all about. I wonder if they have a new booklet out? It would be great to compare.
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    ...or website. Wow, I guess it does look a bit different now. Thanks @Bondpix.
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    Can you visit it as a tourist? I went there for an interview and I needed an authorization.
  • Ludovico wrote:
    Can you visit it as a tourist? I went there for an interview and I needed an authorization.

    No, but it's not hard to get authorisation. Look at any of the external films that are based on the lot. If you're visiting them on legitimate business then you can sign in as a guest. Once you're in, you're in, and free to have a bit of a wander. Although you don't have access to the stages, of course, only the external areas.

    My guess would be that, if they extend the site to build all the different standing sets they want, then it will open itself up to tourism (a bit like the old Granada Studios Tour, if you ever visited) but that's not based on any inside info - just a hunch.
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