Next Bond Movie to Feature the Submarine Pens in Scotland, a trip to Monte Carlo and

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To Star Bollywood's hottest acting couple. Scripts have been brainstormed and Babs has done the deal.

Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai are moist with delight...the deal includes shooting at their fab pad in India...

James Bond goes to Bollywood is on...


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    It was going so well until I read this...

    The untitled project that will go on floors mid next year will be shot in locations not really explored before in a James Bond film – Yugoslavia, Bahamas, Royal Navy submarine pens (Scotland), Monte Carlo

    Then I realised it was yet another April fools joke. And casting doesn't happen until the director has been signed.
  • The whole Aishwarya Rai Bond girl casting thing has become somewhat of a tradition during the pre-production process.
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    Well this one got me but yeah I agree with benny its probably an april fools day joke
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    Bond has been to the Bahamas and Monte Carlo, pretty recently too.
  • Bond has been to the Bahamas and Monte Carlo, pretty recently too.

    He has also been to a submarine base in Scotland, namely Faslane, in TSWLM.
    Along with being in Belgrade and Zagreb which were in Yugoslavia
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