My Overall Take on Bond and Personal Preferences

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Just wanted to give my 2 cents :)

Basically.. I personally like Bond when it's fundamentally seriously written and directed with a believable, powerful, dramatic and cinematic storyline (like GE and CR), but also casual in that it's ultimately bright and "fun" - not morbid or taking itself TOO seriously like I felt in a lot of Skyfall (too much focus on grittiness, aging, realism and Bond's inadequacies and human-ness). I felt films like DAD and TND were poor not because of the acting or casual attitude but primarily because of bad writing.

Same for QoS - it was just a little bit hollow and lazy overall but was fundamentally stylish, ambitious, positive and fun to watch!

Just my 2 cents!



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    This isn't news!
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    Why do you feel this is news, @hoppimike?
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    Yeah but the problem is that if every member is going to start a thread to discuss his preferences, the servers will get fried. I'm going to close this on account of there being loads of threads in which the various aspects of one's Bond fandom can be appropriately discussed. Sorry, hoppi, but I'm sure you understand this thing has little chance of staying alive beyond half a page.
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