The best Bond villain scheme ever in 'Skyfall'

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I was paying attention to all the havoc that past Bond villains created. But.....I can't think of any other Bond villain than Silva who created so much death and destruction. His main goal off course was to have his revenge on 'M'. But even that aspect really worked. M: "Too many people are dying because of me."

All other Bond villains, like Goldfinger, Largo, Drax, Orlov and Zorin came close to huge destruction (An explosion of an atomic bomb would mean the start of a new World War), but it actually never happened. Bond, as you expect from the alltime superheroe, prevented the villain's sick schemes.

Having said that, 'Skyfall' in my opinion greatly succeeded, because this was actually the first time ever in a Bond film where you could actually see so much terrorism, death and destruction. A resumé:

--> Silva hacking into deep top secret institutions of governments, right from his private island off the Chinese coast, is actually something we have witnessed with the entire WikiLeaks affair.
--> When Silva's posting the names of secret agents embedded in terrorist organizations across the globe, we see 'M', Tanner and Mallory watching the latest BBC News: "Captain Hussain, an MI6-agent embedded in the Middle East, was assasinated."
--> The actual terrorist attack, which in essence was Silva's first part of the revenge, worked tremendously. 'M' actually witnessed a huge attack on MI6 Headquarters at Vauxhall Cross. Result: Eight people killed.
--> Silva's assassin, Patrice, creates a huge turmoil in central Istanbul, where several Turkish policemen are being killed. How many people got killed there? Not exactly known, but all policemen on motorbikes seemed to be eliminated.
--> Patrice's trail of death continues in China, where he kills a guard and a Chinese businessman who's interested in stolen art. Death count: Two
--> The way Silva killed his misstress Severine is truly psychotic. Here you can see his true spirit: A villain who actually enjoys killing and who uses these killings to let someone else pay for it.
--> The moment when Silva escapes from MI6 temporal underground headquarters. All guards killed.
--> Another 'terrorist attack' when Silva manages to derail an entire train in the tube. Many travellers in that train must have been severely injured.
--> The moment when Silva and his gunmen, dressed up as Metropolitan Policemen, enter the government house and the hearing room. There must have been many casualties there. Several 'real' policemen got killed.
--> And on top of it all, Silva literally manages to 'break' 'M'. "Too many people are dying because of me." Logically spoken she is right. Silva would say the same. The line 'Think on your sins' actually start working exactly there.
--> The death of 'M'. Allthough Silva could not witness it himself, he managed to 'break' 'M' forever. 'M' died tragically in James Bond's arms.

This might actually be the first Bond villain ever who can be truly 'proud' of his achievements. It's a sick fact, but it is true.


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