The Double Agent Scenario ?

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Would you enjoy seeing Bond go deeply undercover posing as a Quantum operative in B24? And to how far would you want the idea to go?

questions I would ask -

Does Bond wear a disguise? does he alter his appearance, such as new haircut? different style clothing and personality change? it would be interesting to see Daniel Craig (007) portraying a ruthless Quantum operative, then shortly after briefing in with M via his secure smartphone when in privacy. Also how long would he be undercover throughout the film?

This plot scenario would also be interesting because it would bring up moral difficulties, lets say Bond is with a Quantum Officer, and the officer has hostages which are a high security risk to the organization, and asks Bond to shoot them...What does Bond do? if he doesn't shoot them his cover may be blown...if he does how will his conscience feel afterwards? yes this similar scenario was used in the videogame Splinter Cell -Double Agent, but this could work well for a Bond film.

Anyways, your thoughts on the subject and your ideas ..How would you want a Bond movie going about a double agent scenario?


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    Bond going under as a double? It could work. They then could have saved Dench's M's death until then, and had Bond kill her.
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    Also remember in TWINE when Bond posed as Dr.Arkov (Russian nuclear scientist) , it brought a level of suspense to that part of the film, because it kept you thinking , "just how long til Bond blows his cover!?". So all in all I think the idea could be brought to a whole new level and bring about a suspense to the franchise that hasn't been brought before.
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    I love the idea. It's worked well before.

    The PTS of Octopussy. Moore with a mustache was just plain cool.
    Licence to Kill. Need I say more.
    TWINE as mentioned above.

    It could work. I say bring it back.
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    Arkov, was his name. Just saying. Somebody who claims to be an Oligarch should probably know that.
  • We seen instances of it - with OP, LTK, TWINE as everyone said. But I would love to see a more full on double agent. Think deep cover operative, like Splinter Cell or Infernal Affairs/The Departed.
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    Good point @JWESTBROOK please continue in the thread/s as linked above.
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