What should the villains (henchmen and leaders) wear?

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It might seem a silly question, but I think it matters a good deal. Bond movies also have a certain aesthetic and the nature of the villains is depicted in their attitude and also their look. Would SPECTRE henchmen look as menacing without their black clothes? Or would Oddjob look as odd and sinister without the out of fashion, overtly elegant Western clothes? I am wondering what the villains should wear in our day and age to look both believable and sinister, while keeping a certain air of unsettling weirdness.


  • It's not really down to attire I don't think, and whatever they wear, the fact remains we haven't had a truly great main Bond adversary since Robert Davi in 1989, and even recent henchman have been disappointing

    I don't think it's about color or clothes, or what they decide to wear in this day and age, merely provide a good and believable villain that leaves a lasting impression, and someone you can look back on in years to come to say, they did a good job. Not many have done this in recent years, or even last quarter of a century come to that

    Silva this year, I mean last year ! - had an (clothing) appearance at times, similar to Sanchez in LTK, but they were poles apart in terms of menacing believability. Once again, it's not necessarily down to the attire now. Greats like Joseph Wiseman or Michael Lonsale for example, could of been on screen naked, and still delivered great service I'm at risk of saying
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    Yes of course first you need a believable villain, well written and well cast. That said once this is done, presuming this is done, the aesthetic has an importance. Furthermore, Ian Fleming in the novels used the appearances of the villains to make a point about their character. Would you imagine Alex in A Clockwork Orange wearing jeans and plain tshirt? Having been on stage, I know the way you dress for certain roles can matter a lot. Peter Cushing when he used to play Van Helsing in the Hammer movies used to keep medical equipment at all time on him, because his character was a doctor.
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