Which Bond would you feel safest with ?

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If you lets say you happened to be in very dangerous circumstances, perhaps you witnessed a crime you weren't supposed to see and you had to be protected and escorted to safety by Bond, which Bond would you feel most safest with?

I choose undoubtedly, Daniel Craig's Bond.
Why - Most physically in shape Bond we've had (if you're forgetting about Connery's pre-Bond weightlifting days)

Also because Craig's Bond is to the point, knows how to handle a good fight, and broods confidence .

2. Timothy Dalton's Bond - although not as muscular and physically capable as Craig's 007. Timothy's Bond gave me a feeling of careful urgency, As if Timothy's Bond operated quickly, but very thoroughly and strategically aware of his surroundings always looking out for whoever he was with, hence Q and Pam (LTK)

3 . Sean Connery - without explanation

4. George Lazenby

5. Pierce Brosnan

6. Roger Moore ( need I really say why old Roger comes last ...)

I will be surprised to see somebody choose Roger's Bond as their safest choice.


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