Goldeneye XBLA...It can come back

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I was thinking with the news of Activison Loosing the bond licence (thank god) that means that perhaps Rare could actually
finish completing and possibily (a very big possibility) release the original Goldeneye for Xbox Live and Virtural Console (which back in 2006/2007 was going to happen if it wasnt for Nintendo Japan forcing Activison to C&D)

Now depending on whoever gets the game licence we could possibily be seeing The Greatest Bond Game returning for
the next gen consoles?

well i hope atleast


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    That had nothing to do with Activision. It was a purely Nintendo/MicroShaft disagreement.
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    Not really interested in it anyway. It would be kinda cool and nostalgic for a few days then possibly never touched again. That game was good back then, would be boring now. I have Perfect Dark on XBLA and played it twice.
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    I play it on emulation occasionally but it really has aged tremendously, far more so than Perfect Dark.
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