Bond's aiming problem (spoilers)

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I'm not so sure about this, so I want to hear what you people have to say about it.

As you know, Bond suffers of an aiming problem during half of the film. It was a good and believable tension creator. I don't understand, however, how Bond is able to shoot 4 or 5 guys in Silva's island in a split second immediately after demonstrating that his aim was still in the works (trembling).

Further confusion arises when he can't shoot Silva in the abandoned subway and can suddenly shoot a fire extinguisher on the other side of the courtroom with a single hand. I even thought for a second he was faking it all along after he winked at Mallory.

How was his aiming fixed? Hollywood Healing? Was he faking it?


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    With regard to Bond trembling in the Silva-Severine scene was put Silva and co. off their guard, so he could do the quick shooting. Playing to expectations, as it were. Plus, I doubt he wanted to shoot Severine.

    And Bond doesn't want to shoot Silva in the undergrounds. He wants to catch him, not kill him. He shoots as a warning: "I won't miss next time, Mr Silva".
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    As for the scene with Silva and his boys, he had to make the effort to miss Severine so as not to harm her, and as @Mallory said, it probably put them off guard. As for Bond and Silva in the tunnels, he isn't trying to shoot Silva, instead he wants him brought in alive. As Silva is on the ladder and Bond approaches, firing a few shots near him but not hitting him, he says something like "my next shot won't miss."
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    Yeah, it's a bit of a baffler.

    The film seems to suggest that it's at least partly psychological though. Both times he messes up his shots he's being judged (by MI6 and then Silva) on his adequacy, which Bond himself is unsure of.
  • Also his missing during his shooting assessment was at least in party due to the pain and shrapnel in his shoulder..which would have improved once he removed it.
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    @Mallory and @Brady are correct.
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