Worst Special Effects.

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Bit of fun...

Which are the top 5 worse Special effects sequences in the franchise? Lots of howlers.

5. License to Kill - the laser Polaroid
4. Diamonds are forever - atomic mushroom clouds.
3. GE - Russian planes crashing into Severnaya sequence.
2. DAD - Halle berry's cliff dive.
1. DAD - the rocket sled going over the cliff. This is arguably worse than the CGI wave. The model looks about 1 inch long.

Honourable mention: Goldeneye - Brosnan in free fall.


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    -The SPECTRE rocket landing in YOLT
    -The laser melting soldiers and missiles in DAF
    -The rear projection in DN
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    In DAF the soldier on fire running in front of a picture of some missiles is a personal favourite but this sort of effect was pretty much the standard and short of doing it for real it woul be difficult to get the effect any other way (models perhaps - but for a 2 second shot is it worth the effort?)

    DAD remains the yardstick by which all shoddy effects will be measured. This was the year of Star Wars Episode II, Lord of the Rings, Spider-Man and Minority Report so the technology was there. The only excuse for the parasurfing sequence being such a joke is cost cutting. Had they gone to ILM we might not have been happy about it but at least we wouldn't be cringing into our seats in the cinema lest someone should realise we are Bond fans. At least DAF can console itself that there was no other way.

    Good call on the sled going over the cliff as well Matt007. If you just axed the entire shoddy sequence and went straight into the car chase it would make absolutely no difference to the film except make it less of a laughing stock.
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    Sorry lads, but this has already been discussed since mid 2011. I hope you won't beat me up for this - I'm only doing my job after all and there's no need for duplicate threads.

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