The Other Fellow - Official Trailer (2013) [HD] James Bond Documentary

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The Other Fellow is a documentary about real men named James Bond. Find out here what it's like to be James Bond and live in the shadow of 007. Filmed during the lead up Skyfall the movie is due for release in late 2013.


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    I can empathize. When Coluche did his famous "Géard" sketch, I was teased mercilessly

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    That last guy cracked me up because so many people make that mistake. When trying to hum the Bond theme they end up humming mission impossible. My gf used to do it all the time until I threatened to strangle her with her bra (Connery style) now, it's a mistake that's never been repeated.
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    Bum bum, BUM, BUM, bum bum, BUUM BUMM
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    'The Other Fellow' will have its world première at the 17th Documentary Edge International Film Festival 2022 online and in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand from 1 June – 10 July, 2022.

    Co-written and directed by Australian Matthew Bauer, 'The Other Fellow' chronicles the shared experience of a group of real people around the world named James Bond. Filmed between the releases of ‘Skyfall‘ and ‘No Time To Die‘, the documentary chronicles their shared experience of life in the shadow of the ‘007 phenomena’.
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    Good to see that this has finally gotten off the ground. A lot of these Bond fan type projects shared here over the years sadly never take flight. This does look professionaly made though and I'm happy to see they've just recently started following me on Twitter. Of course I followed them back to keep up to date on the project.
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    James Bond Australia are giving away a double pass to the world premiere at the Doc Edge Film Festival in New Zealand.

    Enter Here: Link
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