What are your favourites screenplays/missions/plots ? Rank them if you want

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We often type about actors, films, music, villains but has someone started a plot discussion yet ? I don't think so...after some researchs. I include only the plot, not actors neither the music etc.

So, for me, my favourites missions are the following ones :

First classification (no special order) :

- "Dr. No"
- "From Russia With Love"
- "Goldfinger"
- "OHMSS" and "DAF"

Second one :

- "Moonraker", "FYEO", "Octopussy"
- "The Living Daylights"

Third :

- "GoldenEye", "Tomorrow Never Dies" (the end could have been more researched), "The World Is Not Enough" (Brosnan's Bond unfortunately never had been again such a good fighter and 00 as in GE, but was classiest and deepest),
- "Skyfall" (Severine character should have more interesting lines, as TND, it could have been more researched, overall)

and... "DAD" partly for the begin scene, the diamonds chase, Cuba, Iceland actions, the romantic ending but too awkward (Bond surviving a tsunami is the worst scene ever, most unrealistic moment, just too much). "CR" for the original book plot (Solange scene, begin scene and airport excluded).

My least favourites are "YOLT" (chasing Blofeld...again), "LTK" (too US action film styled but right on its time), "Thunderball" (except for the Carnival, water and beach scenes), "Live And Let Die" (too much The Saint, has great styled but lacks of punch ; it's Roger Moore) , "A View To A Kill" (silly ending, Sutton character...) and "Quantum of Solace" (enough said).


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