what is the big deal with Lazenby I can not for the life of me see why he is so popular

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OHMSS secret service grate film. But wrong actor his far to much of a gentleman and could not beat up my mothers cat just my opinion. some may say that I so wrong he never got a chance. but there is a reason for that i watched OHMSS so many times and still don't see him as Bond I don't get that feeling that this man could kill this man is dangerous a feeling you get from the other Bonds. And a key element you need from a actor playing 007 licence to kill not just a man picked because he looked good in a tux. But it seems i'm alone with this opinion on here so please tell me what it is about him why is he so popular because I really do not get it
plus is lack of acting skill did not help


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    He wasn't the worst choice EON has made. I quite like him in OHMSS. Yes, he's a touch wooden but it's not a bad first effort IMO.
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    oorogers wrote:
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    This is going to go over well with the mods.

    I think Lazenby was a fine choice. Given a second go, he'd be far more comfortable. But considering the con he got himself into, he held up his lie pretty damn well.
  • George Lazeby didn't have any acting experience at the time & he was a model. But he gave a solid performance as James Bond. It's a shame he didn't get a chance to come back as 007 in 1971's Diamonds Are Forever.
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