A part from Connery, which Bond actor should have had/ should have later an Oscar ? Counting "007s"

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Connery was praised for "The Name of The Rose" and "The Untouchables " (it was Golden Globes for one of these two, if I remember). He had huge successes and had prizes for "The Rock", "The Hunt For Red October", "Finding Forrester", success in the failure "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"...

Did he deserved an Oscar for "Goldfinger" or "From Russia With Love" ? For me, yes.

Should another 007 have had also one ? Suggestions : Moore in "TSWLM" and "FYEO" ? Dalton in "LTK" ? Brosnan in "GoldenEye" ? Craig in "Casino Royale" and "Skyfall" ??

Moore 1977, Dalton 1989 and Brosnan 1995 should have IMO. At least being nominated.

I'll delibaretely let Lazenby's career on the bench. Moore didn't have a huge cinema career neither. Did Tim Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig deserved Oscars/Golden Globes/ other prizes for their other respective films ?

Here's my list, counting films I've watched :

- Dalton in "Hot Fuzz" ; nomination in BAFTA or similar prize (at least not Oscars and Golden Globes) in Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. Thanks to his unusual role's perf.

- Craig in " Lara Croft", "Munich" ; Best supporting actor nominations.

- Brosnan in " The Fourth Protocol", "The Tailor of Panama", best actor nominations.
He had prizes or nominations for "The Matador" and "The Ghost Writer". As long as I'm a big Brosnan fan, I know he had successes in "Laws of Attraction", "Thomas Crown affair", "Mrs. Doubtfire", "Dante's peak" and worst for me, "Mars Attacks!", "Percy Jackson" and got a Razzie for "Mamma Mia!".

In the future, I guess Craig would have a big prize, because he's a leading one and have great skills. But not for 007's. I miss Dalton in films and I wish Brosnan starred in better, cleverer films ; because he's got the talent to do it, maybe not the motivation. He should take after/stay near someone like Colin Firth, ...it would be cool ! :)


  • Connery won the best supporting actor Oscar for "The Untouchables" but in terms of who should have won an oscar from the Bond actors, the I'd have to say Daniel Craig for Layer Cake, a class modern gangster thriller, pre-bond but a damn good Brit Flick.
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    Well, it's obviously totally subjective but I didn't find "Layer Cake" class, just bling-bling. But a good gangster thriller. Honestly, I still can't understand how this film helped him in a "pre-Bond" time, at the opposite of Roger Moore's "The Saint" and Pierce Brosnan's "Remington Steele". It's cool but not much Bond. Let's say this film contains a similar recipe of girls, cars and dinner jackets. He could have got nominations for me, but not for the Oscars. It's how I feel...
  • Pierce Bronsan for The Fourth Protocool & The Tailer of Panama.
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    Connery should have been nominated for Indy 3. I know it wasn't a "powerful" performance but it's a classic. And he should have one the Golden Globe he was nominated for

    Craig should have been nominated/won for Dragon Tattoo. Showed incredible depth and acting ability. Also Craig for Defiance. As a Jew, it is one of my favorite films and love Craig's performance

    Dalton is the best actor out of all of them but none of his film roles just screamed Oscar to me. He's been terrific in everything he's done but never been in a major award picture

    Brosnan should of won his Golden Globe for The Matador

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