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Dear fellow members, I am interested to find out the involvement of Daniel Craig in the BOND Franchise. There are a few things that have gained my interest going back to his first film and leading up to Skyfall. It appears to me that when he was approached he accepted the role as long as he had a say in major aspects of the projects. That became more evident with the fact that he supposedly wrote parts of QoS, (not something that an actor does) and finally seemed that he has increased powers by getting Sam Mendes and Javier Bardem to be in the film. He seems to be given the authority by the producers as was evident in the official press conference last year. That shows a man who is good in business and I wouldn't be surprised if he has stakes in the sales. He certainly takes his work very seriously and cares a lot about the final product and that shows commitment. He doesn't seem to take this as a given, and that is where I fear Brosnan's mistake was. He gave the impression that without him the franchise would stall and collapse, a lesson he discovered to be untrue.
I would like to hear any facts you might have as well as your views on the matter. Thank you, Michael
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