Bonds Personal Q-Branch Smartphone

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Keep it technical. .

Q should give Bond his own personalized advanced MI6 issued iPhone or Android. Q. could design Bond his own special apps.

one Q made app for instance could be called
" Last Resort. " Where if Bond needed to desperately get out of a situation he could press an app on his phone, uniquely designed on his phone menu to look like a GPS app, and when he presses it his phone becomes a bomb.

Another app could be called iLocate.
Let's say Bond is trying to find a particular person of interest in a casino persay, all he has is his targets name. His iLocate app can scan all nearby cell-phones and smart phones subscriber account information,contacts list and all other personal information within a half mile range.

Another Q made app could be called EyeSore .
If Bond is in a sticky situation where a surveillance camera is in his way, and he had to stealthily sneak past it. He could use his Eye Sore app to temporarily jam the cameras feed to sneak on by. He has to be within a realistic amount of range though to jam the camera.

Another app could be called Q-Frequency.
If Bond is in a tough situation, he could use the Q-Frequency app to send an extremely high pitched sound to cause distress in nearby enemies ears and to possibly even break nearby glass.

Another app Bond could use could be called iTheft. It would only work on Electric Powered Cars, Bond could easily steal a car if necessary. To make things easier it would scan for only electric powered cars and highlight them in Yellow , and fuel powered cars in Red to distinguish one from the other.

Now in my opinion I'm not really in favor of any of these things really happening, I want bond to be more realistic and depend on his mind and wits more than Gadgets. but If gadgets are more used in the upcoming movies, It would definitely make more sense to go in a personal bond smart phone direction with his own apps instead of physical objects.

Anyways I'd like to hear you're guys suggestions and ideas for special Q designed apps for Bond...


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    I like the idea of a phone becoming a bomb. Don't really know much about phones though, don't even know what an app is. :|
  • This is bloody brilliant.
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    Not to denigrate your creative apps but simply awful.

    Where will we end up if we go down this route? No Bond and Q sitting in his pajamas doing everything?

    I want the next film to have Bond deprived of his bloody umbilical phone to MI6 which has been the only real blight of the Craig era. I know it would be silly to ignore the technology and pretend it didn't exist so the writers have to come up with a plausible reason why Bond has no ability to contact HQ.

    Lets have some of the Fleming home made gadgets such as the Rolex knuckleduster from OHMSS - absolute classic scene which has yet to make the films.

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    HAHAHAHAHAHA :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))
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