My Degrees of Separation plan for who works on the next Bond films

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I propose a gradual passing over of Bond (franchise) from hand/s to hand/s via a process in context of degrees of separation =

- I'd be surprised if Mendes returned for Bond 24 - he's a perfectionist and likes a hell of a lot of time for pre-production - unless they pushed it back to 3 years until the next film, but since they seem to want a new film out in 2 years I think Mendes is doubtful.

- I propose either Ridley Scott or Danny Boyle as the director of Bond 24 and Zimmer for soundtrack - Ridley Scott, Zimmer and Deakins have worked together on the massively successful Gladiator. Charlize Theron could be the main villain as well, having worked with Scott on Prometheus, she could even retain the same outfit lol

- I'd love Mendes to then return for Bond 25 - Craig's final Bond - if he didn't though, Danny Boyle would be a great choice of director having already worked with Craig on the Olympics. Broccoli also wants to do a Bond in India, and Boyle is your man having had a successful film based in India.

- For Bond 26 - and a new Bond - I'd retain Hans Zimmer for soundtrack and bring in Christopher Nolan as director (and his brother as co-writer too) - The Dark Knight films have been great movies and great movie events, having Nolan, a self-professed Bond fan - at the helm would not harm at all!

Just an addendum of interest =
- Following my 'degrees of separation' rule - Nolan could have Tom Hardy, or indeed Bale or Hugh Jackman as Bond (and Gary Oldman as Blofeld with Marion Cotilliard as a Bond girl!).
- Matthew Vaughn would be a great choice for a Bond film, ideal - but he seems to have burnt his bridges with EON and set out making films borrowing from Bond-lore! if he did come into the Bond-fold he could have Fassbender as his Bond having made Fassbender the archetypal Bond already in X-Men First Class.

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