What are your thoughts on the psychological aspects of SKYFALL? (the 00 family)

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Picture this: two siblings battling for the number one spot in mommy's heart. This film explores many issues of trust ( if you recall QoS M saying "knowing who to trust is everything in this business) betrail, favoratism, love, pathological dependence, etc. Sylva can't exist witout M, she is his purose in life-and-death, but like a spoiled kid he made himself the chosen one. Bond although hurt by the fact that he was expendible, did not lose faith in the only person of real importance in his life. M's loss was his family and yes fellas, those are tears over her death. I really don't know where we go from here as the last three films have given birth to good movies, but it's hard to connect them to the previous. I chose this subject because of the significance of the above, betrail redemption etc. as well as the game between Sylva and Bond, "What makes you think its my first time?" Areas never visited before. Thank you
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