Should Bond 24's pre credit sequence be the ending of Dr.No?

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I know this is a wild fantasy but I would love to see Bond 24's pre credit sequence as the ending of Dr.No. In my Bond timeline SKYFALL ends and Dr.No begins! What better way for Daniel's run then to face up to classic charachters at the start of his next few Bond adventures. What do you think?


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    Understand the idea, but it is a reboot not a prequel. That said had the mission he was given at the end of Skyfall had a nod to Dr No I would not have objected
  • This Bond has not met Tracey yet, I think behind the scenes discussions between Michael, Babs and Dan will be heading towards a remake of OHMSS, They will have to get the ball rolling soon if this is the direction they are heading too. Skyfalls ending with M was very much an echo of Bond cradling Tracey.
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    this thread will get locked but I always thought the reason they Haven't used The Property of a lady is because they wanna save it for the rebirth of the tracy story line?
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    Errr how do you explain the whole DB5 then? M and Bond already know about the ejector seat....etc. Kind of messes things up a little?
  • Again it's a reboot. There are no rules on timeframes
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    This isn't "news" so please post in the appropriate forum. Also, check around and see if there isn't another thread where this might be discussed in.

    For the moment, however, I'm going to close this as I think this doesn't need it's own thread.

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