Talk here about other franchises taking from BOND - if you think it does... ( *eyewink* )

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1) Did you know that the opening scene from 'The Dark Knight Rises' itself is entirely copied from the opening scene of James Bond 007 'Licence To Kill' (1989)?
2) Have you heard that Christopher Nolan is greatly inspired by James Bond?
3) Did you know that the Fulton surface-to-air recovery system used by Batman in Hong Kong in 'The Dark Knight' is entirely copied from the ending of James Bond 007 'Thunderball' (1965)
4) Have you heard from Nolan himself that the climax of 'Inception', set entirely in the snow, is an homage to the climax of James Bond 007 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' (1969)?
5) Do you know that the very concept of a 'baddy', a 'villain' was kicked-off in Ian Fleming's James Bond novel franchise?
6) Did you know that Ernst Stavro Blofeld was a villain with a big scar, a bald head, constantly caressing his white Persian pussy? And that this fearsome cheesiness got Nolan the inspiration to re-create The Joker?
7) Have you seen the scene in James Bond 007 'Diamonds Are Forever' (1971) where Ernst Stavro Blofeld is completely dressed up as a transvestite? And that The Joker in 'The Dark Knight' did exactly the same...dressing up as a female nurse?
8) Wasn't it fun to see druglord Franch Sanchez, James Bond 007 'Licence To Kill' (1989), completely governing and terrorizing the fictional Mexican city of Isthmus City? And didn't Bane do the same in 'Gotham City' in 'The Dark Knight Rises'?
9) And we haven't even talked about Austin Powers yet ;-).

You know any other examples? Please post them here.


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    Uhm, this is really the other way around JamesCraig. Please read carefully :-)
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    Wouldnt you like to see Christopher Nolan take a shot at Bond ? Lot of similarities here :)
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    So there were no villains prior to Fleming? Am I reading that correctly?
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    Not sure about The Joker comparisons. As far as I remember, the inspiration for The Joker was Francis Bacon. I don't see any connection with Blofeld other than a few vague coincidences. The Sanchez ref is stretching it too.

    The Snow Fortress is a definite homage and I'm pretty sure the opening to TDKR is, even if subconsciously, a riff on LTK. The TB ref in TDK is intentional.

    There's a theory that the Joker's shoe knife is a nod to Klebb, but I don't know if it's deliberate. I reckon coincidence.

    One definite connection is LOTR. Peter Jackson states, with particular reference to The Two Towers, that Bond inspired him to open with a standalone scene, before starting the movie proper (Which he does in all three).
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    Sjeezen, I completely forgot that I once made this topic @RC7 :D
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    Sjeezen, I completely forgot that I once made this topic @RC7 :D

    It would be good to make a comprehensive list of all the definitive Bond homages, that have been recognised as such by the director. I guess it's a tough job, though!
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