The James Bond Archives.

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Fellow Agents,
Some time ago, I ordered "The James Bond Archives", edited by Paul Duncan and published by Taschen at £135.
It arrived today and I'm pleased to say that it is absolutely phenomenal and is a real collector's piece.
The book is Michael G.Wilson and Barbara Broccoli's tribute to the incredible 50-year milestone and they have given Duncan unprecedented access to their archives. He hasn't wasted the opportunity and the result is a labour of love that starts with Ian Fleming and goes right through to "Skyfall". The copy gives intelligent and unique insight and the book is resplendent with amazing visuals, many of which have never been published before.
Those of you that are familiar with Taschen will know their production values and they have published a work of art that is an absolute must for any Bond aficionado.
My only regret is not holding out for one of the 500 Golden editions signed by Daniel Craig. At £650, they may be expensive but I'm sure they'll be worth their weight in gold!
What a great Bond year - the best movie ever and now the best book!


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