So I went to get a car wash and...

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they had a free car wash coupon in the mail that came with the weekly grocery stores ads

the guy comes up to sell me the different car wash packages and he used a marker and he circles the windshield part over the state inspection sticker, which is good until 3/2012

I asked him why he did that, he said its a process they do when they check a car in and out for a car wash

So I asked him what if it was expired?

his answer: then you can't leave until you get the car inspected (they do state inspection there too)

I told him 1. you are not the Police, you can't hold someone here over an expired state inspection sticker and 2. if you tried, that would be kidnapping and false imprisonment

and his answer was:

we can always call the Police and have them come and make you get a State Inspection

I told him: Good luck trying to get the Police over here!

They will tell you over the phone that you can't hold someone against their will over it and they won't send the Police out!

You are lucky my sticker is not expired, because I would just drive off after my car wash is done and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it - you have no legal power!

I also told him if I did go through your full car wash service and you had my car keys and you were holding them and not giving them back because of an expired state inspection sticker, that would be another charge against you: Grand Theft Auto!!

It's too bad my sticker is valid; I would have loved to put their policy to the test and then throw them in jail and sue the heck out of their company!!


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    Go get 'em j7wild !! Show no mercy !!
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    This must never be forgotten.
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