Top Gear James Bond special

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As us car enthusiasts, know, Topgear likes to gimmick things. way back in one of the first series they did a "Bond car - on a budget" gig including a tea tray as a bullet-proof shield and a genuine Ejector Seat. This time, Richard Hamm-Bond is taking things a bit more serious:

Featuring interviews with Guy Hamilton, Vic Armstrong and Roger Moore, Richard Hammond looks back on 50 years of excitement on 4 wheels. They also take a shot at recreating 2 of the most Bond-esque gadgets: the "Vanish" Aston Martin, and 007's Legendairy "Wet Nellie":

If you want to know how this ends, tune in for the Top Gear 007 Special.

Airs Sunday 28th October in the UK, and 12th November in the US.

Oh, and please excuse my lazy attempt at making TopGear a bit more "Bond" ;)


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