The 007 JUBILEE Project - Exclusive Downloads for us Fans **(Update Nov. 22)**

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The initial aim of my Jubilee project was to compile James Bond video material from various years and sources and re-edit it into a huge compilation of Bonus Material that we Bond fans probably wouldn´t see on any official DVD Set but would love to have in our collection. I tried to use as much footage as possible – some is only for “Die Hard Bond Fans” like me, but I overall tried to satisfy the taste of everyone interested in 007.


Most of the clips edited into the individual specials came from YouTube, of course the biggest source for material. Since I started collecting Bond video snippets in 1997, I can´t possibly give credit to many fan creations used in the editing process of this project – simply because I can´t keep track of all the names. But your work is always appreciated and found its way into my project because your contribution to Fan Media was simply outstanding! Please forgive me for using your material :) As for quality matters - don´t expect HD videos, they were all meant for normal 720x576 DVD to play fine on any TV. Whenever the source material was too low in quality, the resolution went down. Still, everything is watchable.


Editing began in 2010 and is, with the release of SKYFALL, still in production. TV Specials, interview snippets, Behind the Scenes footage and some documentary features I prepared on my own have since found their way into a 26GB collection that is still growing. I thought of many ways to make this material globally available but it´s always a gamble with copyrights. Therefore I want to clearly state, that this is a FAN PROJECT – in no way designed to infringe copyrights but only to provide an educational inside into the world of James Bond. The material I used was (mostly) accessible to everyone on the internet. The videos on YouTube are NOT LISTED, meaning that only those of you who access the links in my Blog can see them. Sadly, some videos might be blocked in several usual :(


All in all, I uploaded 45 videos to YouTube for your enjoyment. Further Jubilee Uploads will follow and you can get them all at the Golden Jubilee Blog:



P.S.: Since my "Bond Archive" is wide open for the Jubilee, don´t hesitate to ask if you are looking for something ;)

UPDATE 1 (Oct. 11) - The 007 Image Library is now online. Over 25,000 Images!
UPDATE 2 (Oct. 13) - Video: Behind the Scenes of "SKYFALL" [112 min]
UPDATE 3 (Oct. 14) - Videos: The BBC Archive Bond Files
UPDATE 4 (Oct. 16) - 2 James Bond Jubilee Screensavers + 3 new videos
UPDATE 5 (Oct. 17) - Golden Jubilee Music Compilation + Podcasts
UPDATE 6 (Oct. 23) - Video: THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS Workprint
UPDATE 7 (Oct. 25) - Videos: Behind the Scenes of "SKYFALL" 7 Episode Extended Edition
UPDATE 8 (Oct. 27) - Videos: Graham Norton Show "SKYFALL" Special + 007 Olympics Special
UPDATE 9 (Nov. 11) - Links added for Expanded James Bond Movie Scores + Video Game Scores
UPDATE 10 (Nov. 15) - Added SKYFALL Moving Photo Screensaver
UPDATE 11 (Nov. 20) - Added Soundtrack for 007 Legends
UPDATE 12 (Nov. 22) - BTS E08 - SKYFALL premieres around the Globe


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