Thomas Newman & David Arnold on Classic FM

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An interview/talk with both of them was recorded this week and is scheduled to be broadcast on the evening of 19th October for anyone who's into this sort of thing :-)


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    I'd bet my house that they'd feature some of the score, I remember they did that with Casino Royale before its release.
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    Let's hope so!
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    Thanks for the heads up on this, Must remember to tune in!
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    Thanks for the notice! I hope I remember it till then... ;-) .
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    This should be a great conversation between the two. Can't wait now, for this. Thanks.
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    You're all very welcome.
    I was gutted to find out too late that there was a competition to be a guest at the studio and watch this. Must have been magnificent!
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    Thanks for posting this video. I'd almost forgotten about it. Will watch now.
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