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The following known issues have been mentioned in the <a href=""/index.php?p=/discussion/61/feedback-and-suggestions/p1">Feedback and Suggestions</a> discussion or similar moderator discussions. From this list of issues, the administrators will then determine which issues to work on next.

Keep in mind, that not all these suggestions will be approved, or even possible to implement. Some may be direct fixes provided by the software makers, others implemented by the administrators. All newly implemented features will be announced in the <a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/262/changes-to-mi6-community-user-interface-features-etc/p1">Changes to MI6 Community</a> discussion and can be discussed in <a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/263/comments-about-changes-to-user-interface-features-etc/p1">Comments about changes to UI</a> discussion.

This discussion will be updated with every change made from the suggestions, and whenever a suggestion isn't approved or possible with explanation.

<h4>Implemented/Existing Features</h4>
<li>Organize page by category (This can be done by selecting <a href="/index.php?p=/categories/discussions">Categories</a> instead of <a href="/index.php?/p=/">Discussions</a>)
<li>Ability to see Discussions you started (Done via Discussions button, <a href="/index.php?p=/discussions/mine">Mine</a> tab, or by selecting your profile followed by Discussions tab)
<li>Ability to see all your posts (Select your profile, followed by the Comments tab)
<li>Ability to set timezone settings (Done automatically by system after a short while)
<li>Ability to edit post after 24h (This was either always the case of changed a while back)
<li>List all new content in discussions page by order posted (Done already with most recent up top)
<li><a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/262/changes-to-mi6-community-user-interface-features-etc/p1">Navigate to last page of discussion directly</a> (Done via dynamic links if discussion was read)
<li><a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/262/changes-to-mi6-community-user-interface-features-etc/p1">Navigate to new comments directly</a> (Done via dynamic links if discussion isn't entirely read)
<li><a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/3832#Comment_3832">Put page links at the top of each discussion</a>
<li><a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/3834#Comment_3834">Show who's online</a> (Now available on the side bar)
<li><a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/4308#Comment_4308">Make current page number clear, grey link is lighter than others in blue</a> (Now set as Orange)
<li><a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/4358#Comment_4358">Make quoted content more clear</a> (Quotes now show in blue background)
<li><a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/372/mi6-community-a-how-to-guide">Provide a forum FAQ</a> (Now available and soon to be under the announcements on the side bar)
<li>Ability to make polls or have polls
<li><a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/12369#Comment_12369">Once a new conversation is sent, the screen doesn't refresh</a>.
<li><a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/12369#Comment_12369">Discussion didn't refresh after a user posted</a>
<li><a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/12369#Comment_12369">Quoting</a> in IE often misses the opening bracket < of < blockquote>
<li><a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/12369#Comment_12369">Quoting</a> quoted posts tends to add some tags < br> < div> (likely added in initial quoting in some browsers)
<li><a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/12369#Comment_12369">Quoting</a> sometimes sets < ul class=x>< li class=y>< div class=comment>< div class=message> (<a href="/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/4180#Comment_4180">link for admins</a>)
<li>More discussion categories (music, etc)
<li>Starting a conversation and deleting it prior to the recipient reading it results in permanent false number next to Inbox indicating new conversations.
<li> User page tags Comments and Discussions don't show up if user has not recently posted
<li>HTML tags not translated in conversation, can't send proper links, etc
<li>Seems that email notifications don't work except for receiving PM
<li>Purple devil emoticon (2nd row, 2nd column) doesn't work > : -) returns : ) = :)
<li>Peace emoticon (4th row, 5th column) doesn't work : ) > - returns : ) = :)
<li>Buttons for simple formatting (bold, italic, underscore, font color, size)
<li>Button for image tagging
<li>Button for inserting a link
<li>More profile info like location, Bond favourites, etc
<li>Default view (discussions or categories) also the bottom option would be back to discussions/categories
<li>In a PM, if the user is also last responder, he only sees his avatar making it hard to determine which discussion it is. Showing all avatars or names would help.
<li>Back to top button

<h4>Backlog: What's being looked into, or implemented next?</h4>
<li>Ability to mark all threads as read (More testing being done)

<h4>Long term features for consideration</h4>
<li>Swear Filter

<h4>Suggestions which won't be implemented</h4> (To be filed at a late date)
<li>Custom post per page number (likely a profile setting): Given the current setting of 30 instead of the initial which was much higher, this doesn't seem like much of an issue. Also would be a major change.

<h4>Known Defects or Glitches</h4>

<h4>Suggested Improvements in user profile, preferences & conversations</h4>
<li>Delete a member from conversation (add works)
<li>No flagging possible in member's "wall"
<li>Bigger profile picture in discussion
<li>Reply to member link which would add the @ username automatically

<h4>Suggested Improvements in posting/editing comments</h4>
<li>Ability to delete post if no further reply made
<li>Discussion to update automatically as people type replies prior to your comment submission or way to know posts were made for a chance to edit before final posting
<li>2 comment methods like some forums have: Full posting (with HTML buttons) or Quick post (text only)

<h4>Suggested Improvements for general layout/navigation</h4>
<li>Use % base width rather than fixed width for Discussion pane (or make use of unused space on the left side)
<li>No page buttons at the top top of the list of all discussions like there now are inside multi-page discussions
<li>No page buttons inside a category like there now are inside multi-page discussions
<li>Display which category the the current discussion is in
<li>Clearly identify the moderators (by color in who's online or by their post, avatar, etc)
<li>Poll location to be easier to find, above who's in the discussion on the side bar.
<li>Dynamic links not functioning when selecting a bookmarked discussion
<li>View discussion author from Discussions or Categories view
<li>Possibility to use different themes, colors for whole forum feel, or non white background
<li>Date/Time stamp on all comments (only date is visible if comment is posted a previous day)
<li>Amount of views per discussion (View count)
<li>All Articles from MI6-HQ to have a discussion in forum and to link to the discussion from article
<li>Like button a la facebook
<li>Stickied discussions
<li>Display "discussion"/topic author on categories and discussions index (not just last-post-by)
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