Anymore film banner headings on the way?

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Sorry about the title. Off the top of my head I couldn't think of anything better.

Will anymore of the banner headings be added in time for the remaining films on the main site? It's been quite awhile, so far we have had banners for:

From Russia With Love
The Man With The Golden Gun
For Your Eyes Only
The World Is Not Enough
Die Another Day

16 films are left!


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    you mean on the site or the forum?i also wanna know when will be posted the results of february bondathon
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    Wouldn´t it be better to post this in the ´Feedback and Suggestions´ thread? I´m sure it would be noticed and taken care of easier there.
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    The main MI6 website. I agree about the results of the February Bondathon too. They should be posted soon. The forum changeover has taken priority I'm sure, I just wondered if there was some rough timetable in place for when the next banner will be out.


    As this was about the main site I thought it was best for it to have it's own thread.

    If nothing is said on this in a couple of days I'll post it in the´Feedback and Suggestions´ thread.
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