Vintage Paperback Artwork - Brilliant

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Fellow Agents,
After the much derided "Vintage Classics" we were all doubtless expecting the worst when it came to their "Paperback" release and I have to be honest, I opened the news feature on this fabulous site with considerable trepidation.
I needn't have feared, Bond aficionados all over the world can relax. They are absolutely fantastic and are by fare and away the best to appear since the first John Gardner continuation novels appeared in Jonathan Cape hardback!
Every cover tells the story and communicates completely the plot, location, glamour and character of Bond.
I love all of the artwork but my particular favourite is Moonraker-it's amazing. I'll certainly be buying them and putting them next to my Cape first editions - Bravo from Bentley - great marketing for fabulous literature !
What do the rest of you bookworms think? Scores out of ten please.


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