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    Here's my video going over the Japanese letterbox Laserdisc series. This details DN through TND plus the rare 1984 letterbox NSNA.
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    What bothered me of Lowry's was the skin tones, they were too red. At least in the new 4K they look more natural. Most curious regarding the colors is the turban that switches back between blue and green depending on the transfer. What makes it more confusing is that there's various still photos of where it either looks blue or green. On the cover of American Cinematographer it looks closer to green, and then in another photo it's blue. Really shows how just a slight adjustment in temperature color greatly alters things.

    There's SOOOO much the Lowry masters did with color that kills me-and they made all the 80's films look so flat! You can definitely tell the ones like these that were Lowry just mucking about with MGM provided video masters instead of their even more heinous 4K processed titles.
    Absolutely there's variations in stills and on set stuff. TLD has a different look in print samples and that early pan n scan disc that the 4k screenshots so far seem to indicate more of.
    One thing that now sticks out to me because I've seen the film too many times: when Q is talking about the ghetto blaster you can see a light go on in the background suddenly illuminating the set far more.

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    Lowry also managed to make GE and TWINE look exponentially more dull than their original theatrical versions.
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