Bond Modding (for video games)

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Is it possible to dissect the Quantum of solace game and edit it?

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    I presume it is... with the right software and the required skills. I'm not sure they built the game for that though. So I think it would come down to somehow breaking the code and edit it. This isn't my speciality though. ;-)
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    It occurs to me now activsion are not going to move forward with it but i dont think it was out on pc, correct me if im wrong there.
    I would imagine though there could be possibility of pulling that appart to make some kinda bond shooter.
    I know there was talk of the nightfire remake but it seemed to run quite dry I dont know who was runing that.
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    I wonder now that bloodstones creators and eurocom went bust would it be possible to get the dev tools to make our own stuff...
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    ha, i'll change the title before the mods think this is about them!

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