The Ultimate James Bond Interactive Dossier

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In 1996 a CD-Rom was released called 'the ultimate James Bond interactive dossier. I contained information, videos, sound clips and pictures of our favorite spy. The movies from Dr.No-GoldenEye where used.

I had this disc (rented from the library and later copied :$) when I was a kid, and it was one of the reasons I became such a big Bond fan. I hadn't even seen all the films yet, and seeing all those pictures really made me really want to watch them.

One of the things I remembered a while ago, was that this disc contained some very rare 007 pictures, so I found my old copies, and looked through them. Unfortunatly, mine where badly scratched, and I was only able to salvage some very small pictures from the movies, and couldn't save any pictures from DAF and LALD. Still, some nice rare pictures. I might upload and post a few later on.

So, does anyone else have good memories to this disc? Does anyone still own it? Could someone maybe even post all the rare pictures somewhere, in good quality, so all Bond fans could enjoy!


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    Oh I remember these discs quite well. I found them exceptionally interesting. Of course as more and more people got access to the Internet, informative multimedia projects such as this became somewhat obsolete. But yeah, I have fond memories of them for sure!
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    I found some videos of these on Youtube and can post it if you want...
  • I found some videos of these on Youtube and can post it if you want...

    For me personally, it depends: if it's those trailer thingy's, I've seen those. They are pretty good. If it's a video with rare photo's, then bring it on :) I'm really into collecting rare 007 photographs, especially if they're from behind the scenes, so I can see where the camera's where placed, what kind of set-up they used ect.

    But maybe it's good to post those video's anyway, so other fans can see them. They are rather good, and might help give a general idea of how these 2 discs where.
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    Yep! I have that CD Rom somewhere in my collection! Goodness knows where? It would be like looking for the ARK in that rather large military facility somewhere in the Nevada desert! ;)
  • Sounds great! Maybe some of them pop up on ebay now and then?

    There was that forgotten about period of time, in the 90s, when CD-ROM drives became widespread yet multi-media wasn't yet available online, so CD-ROM encyclopedias and info sets were popular.
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    If this is what you mean:

    Then yes, i've got a copy of it. But i've only used it once.
  • If this is what you mean:

    Then yes, i've got a copy of it. But i've only used it once.

    That's it!

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    Here's the back:

    Great art work for this.
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    You can post a link, @Samuel001.
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    i was wondering if someone could try to post a link to download the
    cd rom?

    since its really rare and unable to find
  • I have the disc set. Anyone who wants the ISO's can email me. It's actually partially working in VirtualBox while emulating Windows XP.

    [email protected]
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    I remember liking this one very much. Back in the 90s, it was a genuine treat for a Bond fan like myself.
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