Let's borrow from CR67

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We all know CR67 was a spoof and not to be taken seriously. However, maybe there are elements in the film that you regret weren't in any of the serious Bonds. If so, please list them below and explain why.

My own choices include:

<li>The Look Of Love

I find this to be an overall brilliant song, very romantic and sensual, bringing us the best of Bacharach's musical charm. It could have easily worked in any of the other 60s Bonds IMO, say in a casino or hotel suite scene.

<li>Peter Sellers, Orson Welles, Jacqueling Bisset

These are some of my favourite actors and as for Miss Bisset, let's just say she brings two impressive qualities to the film. I believe that the three of them could and should at some point have been part of the serious Bond film.

<li>The poison pen letter joke

Oh, wait...



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    -David Niven. He would have made a good Bond back in his prime if the series had started earlier.

    -Daliah Lavi and Barbara Bouchet, like Jacqueline Bisset, would have made fine additions to the gallery of EON Bond girls.

    -The Scottish castle ended up in TWINE.
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