Last surviving WWI operative departs

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This is news and not general discussion right, so I hope I've categorized it correctly

Worth a mention I thought as today I got news that the last surviving service member of World War One has passed away, namely a Mrs Florence Green who was an amazing 110 years of age at the time of passing

She served as a mess steward at an army base in the UK and follows on from the last remaining combat veteran, a Mr Claude Charles who died in Australia last summer, also at 110 years old

Mrs Green leaves behind three children, four grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Her husband Walter - an army veteran who served in both world wars and a porter at King's Lynn station - died aged 82 in about 1975, one of her daughters said.

The 110-year-old had been at the care home since the end of November. She previously lived in King's Lynn UK with her daughter May, aged 90.

Mrs Green's other daughter June Evetts, 76, lives in Oundle, Northamptonshire, and her son Bob, 85, lives in Edinburgh.

Born in London before moving to Norfolk, Mrs Green was 17 years old when she joined the Women's Royal Air Force (WRAF) on 13 September 1918 - two months before the armistice.

Mrs Green worked as a waitress on RAF bases in Norfolk She left on 18 July 1919.

The last line of many men and women who served during World War 1 has sadly passed on but what a legacy they gave us



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    Truly disheartening, a majority of the real heroes have passed on. RIP to all the honorable operatives.
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    110 years of age is quite something, truely it is. I suppose this shows one just how much time has passed since the first World War and as such, everyone dies.

    Thank you to all who served and continue to serve in wars past and present. You're something far braver than I could ever do.
    This is news and not general discussion right, so I hope I've categorized it correctly

    'News' is for any Bond related information and 'General Discussion' for anything non-Bond, so it would actually go in the later. There's a description of each category if you view the forum via that view. Though I understand you're reasoning for placing it where you have @Baltimore_007.
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