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When do you expect wel start to see any footage of Skyfall. You think it will be when we get the first Trailer(Whenever that is) or do you think wel get some behind the scenes footage?

I recall we got some B-roll footage at the quantum of solace press conference and regular blogs from the crew. and yet here we are almost 3 months in and we only have the MW introduction.

I get the feeling that Sam Mendes is using the same aproach Chris Nolan is with the Batman film by keeping it all under wraps till the trailer, which is unusual for a bond film. Do you think it will stay like this or will we start to get some behind the scenes stuff now that the crew have left Pinewood.

Any thoughts?


  • tqbtqb
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    We probably won't get a teaser until March or April.
  • Yeah, I aknowleged that we had an introduction video.

    U think we will get a teaser that soon? Iwas thinking maybe may june kind of time.
  • tqbtqb
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    Eh now that i think about it, it'll probably be may or june. I think CR's teaser came out in May and QOS's came out in June.
    We'll prob have a teaser poster by march.
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    I don't want to know or see too much though. Mystery is a good thing. I think maybe may/june too for a short teaser trailor?

    Keen also to see if they take a step back with the posters too? Go down the more the more artistic look like the Connery/Moore posters? Think that would be a nice touch for the anniversary and also to see hanging up in my local cinema!
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    Sony will definitely want to put it in front of Spider-Man, July 3rd.
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    Either Spiderman or Men in Black 3 in May
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    bondbat007 wrote:
    Either Spiderman or Men in Black 3 in May

    Or both
  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    Both is likely. Sony will want to give Skyfall the most exposure they can.

  • Just posting some of the footage I posted in the SkyFall Filming thread
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    It appears Craig goes in here, shoots some people or something, and then gets out in the Jag as the cops show up.

    But thats just spec.
  • gt007gt007 Station G
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    Wow, thanks for sharing @BondWillReturn!

    I dare say these videos are more exciting than the official photo!
  • gt007 wrote:
    Wow, thanks for sharing @BondWillReturn!

    I dare say these videos are more exciting than the official photo!

    They really are! Also, like someone said: some of the photo's of this look better than that first official pic.

    Funny, because just a day ago, that first official pic was awesome, now it's old news :)

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    The spies are out in full force! B-) Keep up the good work! Great footage!
  • marketto007marketto007 Brazil
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    Can't wait!!! :D

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    This is definitely getting exciting, and hopefully worth the wait!
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    Can't wait!!! :D


    You gonna post that footage you said you had?
  • Found this- range rover in action from the other day:

  • More train footage, nothing to spectacular
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