Goldeneye Reloaded is Done for

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We all know the little bugs that plague the game...from party system, to lag, to trouble joining friends games, to poor frame rate. But I myself have been able to look past them and enjoy the game for the first few months. Well personally for me I see a new issue that is going to completely ruin the game once and for all. It is merely a single weapon and it is known as the MJR. Why this was ever allowed into online multiplayer is a head scrathcer to me. It should have been saved for split screen or private matches only.

So why is it the apocalypse of's everywhere. Most of the top players on the overall leaderboard use nothing but MJR. For those who play this on XBOX you know exactly who I am talking about. There are clans known as [BREW] and [AP] who run in groups of 3-5 at most times and spend the entire matches shooting it up with their MJRs. How are you supposed to play and enjoy yourself in a video game when there are MJRs everywhere?? Did Activision not use an ounce of thought before they allowed this to come about. And to allow people to run around and unlock this with only 15-20hrs of game play is a slap in the face to the rest of us who don't care for that crap. If anything, if they were going to allow this weapon that completely takes away from everyone else enjoying the game it should have been made the final unlock at level 50 on your 5th specialization.

A few more months and GE reloaded will be unplayable.


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    remember the tagline for the original goldeneye= No Limits, No Fears, No Subsitute
    Activison should have remembered it instead of defecating on the good name of one of the greatest james bond games/film by making this monstrosity of a game...
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    Is the MJR a shotgun? If it is, it's not on GE2010Wii.
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    MJR is the Rocket Launcher. Unlocked at level 41 I believe which takes only 15 or so hours of online play to achieve. You lose it everythime you specialize but a lot of gamers, especially on 360, are camping level 50 and not specializing so they can continue to use the MJR every match every time I see them. The guys who have leveled all the way up and specialized fully have the MJR for good and a large group of them use MJR with no respect for the game. Few of them always play in groups of 3-6 running MJR and Mastertons (Automatic Shotgun) and make the online experience a joke at times. I mean seriously they use it EVERY MAP EVERY MATCH. You can multitask it so you have 4 shells. Can you imagine playing any online game where some dude and his group of dude are running around with 4 MJR shells....times that by 3-6 players and you get 12-18 MJR shells coming at you. Seriously Activision what the hell were you thinking.

    Like I said this game is on the verge of being a waste of time unless you enjoy playing MJR Masterton every match right with them. DUMB!
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    Please continue this discussion in one of our many GE RL threads, e.g. this one.
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