Build Your Own James Bond Videogame

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This thread is essentially the same as the Build Your Own James Bond Movie thread, except this one's for videogames.
I want to see what ideas everyone has to bring to the table, as we wait in the meantime for the release of Project OO7.


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    Okay, I like this.
    Frankly, I've always dreamt of three distinctly different Bond games:

    1) A Bond stealth game like Splinter Cell. Bond operates in the shadows, uses Q's gadgets, takes orders from M via earpiece, that sort of thing. Patience and skill required. Third person perspective.

    2) A Max Payne type of story-driven game. More of a film noir feeling to it. Third person perspective. Nu bullet time, though.

    3) An Arkham City type of game. A very big city -- London? New York? Paris? Tokyo? Missions and side-missions in an order we can mostly choose. Open world. Third person perspective.

    (Yeah, I love the 3rd person perspective.)

    I don't need too many easter eggs or nods to the films. Just give us a damn good, original story.

    By the same token, I wouldn't mind a video game series that collects the best moments from the Fleming novels, set in their time, and challenges Bond in various ways, not just the traditional shooter stuff. But, I admit, it won't be easy to get such a game sold, I suppose.
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    Hum, I have a lot of things to say, but let just just studie one for the moment. I don't think James Bond game should (as it was the case the last ones) one big story. It could be fun to have shorter but many unrelated story.

    Like this there would be a hub (the MI6-HQ) you go between each missions. There you can :

    - Talk with Moneypenny
    - Go to see M for have your briefing
    - Go to the archives/cumputer room to read/watch intel (on carracters for exemple) that will help you during your mission (or read reports one previous mission you just completed). (For exemple: "Bond you must investigate on indutrialist Clément Thomas" says M and you can go in the computer room to read MI6's files on Clément Thomas etc). (Can even break the 4th wall by make you be able to see some concept art made for the game). Or could be cool your target is unknow, no photo of him or even a name, just a codename, and you must go to a rich party with lot of people a try to identify via scarce info you read on his file at HQ.
    - Go to see Q for receive new gadget/vehicles or complete some challenge on the shooting range and shooting course. Also to choose your main handgun (yes, stop this war between the PPK OR P99, give the player the choice on what he carry, or he can pick you any other handgun of the game).
    - Go in your office do some planning, talk with other 00 or your secretary Loela Possonby.

    You would have multi possible dialogues to choose when you intereact in theses carracter (like in a deus ex, mass effect, etc...).

    Also you can introduces a sort of red string: there is a mole in the MI6 (that compromise some on the mission you work on) and between each mission you can search some clue in the HQ by talking with peoples, shearch their offices, hack their computers, interrogate bad guy (in MI6 interogation room) still alive of your previous mission, consult the results of bugs/camera you planted in your previous visits, etc... Unlock news things with new levels of accreditations (M doesn't want to give you some level accriditation, yso you start to wonder oif he have something to hide, and try to convince Q for having acreditation). And you can unlock a bonus mission where you confrond/pursue the mole if you discover who it is, or even the mole makes believe everything that you are the mole and you are incarsered and must escape MI6-HQ, maybe with the help of Q who trust you. (Can maybe expend thing by bonus mission outside MI HQ, like to search house of the suspect, including Moneypenny house).

    Of course it is also a mean to travel in more place since you don't have a single story to link them all. (Even if maybe two or three mission are linked together for the fun).

    (If it was a Danial Craig game I would even had go deeper by the ability to consult contents about the unexplaining part of his arc in the archive room : like see the VHS of Vesper, a transcript of the interogration of Yussef Kabira, an audiofile of Green answering Bond question in the desert, a report on Guy Haines, etc...) Anyway there should be some easter in this archive/cumputer rooms likes contents related to previous Bond's film's mission (mission you don't play in the game). Can even have some easter egg in Bond's office like they did in OHMSS with object from previous movie). The Golden Gun, retrieved from dead Scaramanga, could be a fun easter egg in the Q's shooting range.

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    I really hope we don't see another James Bond FPS any time soon. There's been one great one (GoldenEye, now aged badly), one decent one (Nightfire), and plenty of sub-par ones.

    I'd like to see a kart style racer, in the mould of what F1 Race Stars tried, even though that game was utter pap, thanks largely to horrible track design and damage system.

    Caricatured Bonds, villains, etc, in a plethora of the plentiful Bond vehicles, zooming around Blofeld's volcano, Atlantis, Arecibo, Piz Gloria, etc would be great fun. And as Mario Kart suffers horrendously from Blue Shell Syndrome, I'd go for a more Diddy Kong Racing style pickup system. Given the volume of films with air and water scenes/chases as well, going full Diddy Kong and having courses available to fly/boat through as well would be cool. Imagine a last lap sniping of a cartoonish Roger Moore in a Moonraker Gondola from Zorin in an airship (menacing laugh included). Or Little Nellie getting swatted out of the sky by a bright yellow 2CV. Sounds like great fun/a way to ruin friendships.

    No convoluted plot, no rushed original storyline, just a good fun game, wrapped in the Bond style, music, locales and an overwhelming dollop of Moore-era humour.

    It could even be called something short, snappy, and to the point; '007 Racing' perhaps...

    Oh no, wait, forget the last bit,
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    Very good and interesting ideas. For my part, I would like a Mortal Kombat-style fighting game, of course it probably wouldn't have the level of violence of that franchise, nor would it have guest characters, but the potential is there.
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    I thoroughly enjoyed the Hitman World Of Assassination Trilogy. There are many levels that feel straight out of a Bond movie.

    I would like a to see a Hitman style open world James Bond game. I don't want every level to be a run and gun FPS shooter. I want non linear levels that can be completed in various ways and involve stealth, gadgets, intel gathering and spy craft.

    -1960s setting, classic Bond
    -Open world - imagine playing as Bond and having free range of a casino
    -Walk around MI6 - Go to M's office, explore Q's laboratory, Gun range etc.
    -Complete challenges to unlock classic Bond movie clothes, weapons & gadgets to use on missions
    -Ability to choose from dialogue choices to dictate the outcome of a mission
    -Underwater swimming mechanic to infiltrate undetected or underwater combat
    -Open skiing theme level, recreation and or action. Not an on rails shooter
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